Applications - Balconies and Walkways

Polyroof’s range of liquid applied roofing systems are available with tough impact resistant finishes suitable for all balcony and walkway applications. They can be used for new build or refurbishment projects and are easily cleaned and maintenance-free. Anti-slip grits are incorporated within the systems to provide slip resistance and surface wear protection. Systems are designed not only to accept regular traffic but also accept patio furniture, planters and the like, in order to create pleasing spaces for occupants of the buildings.

The systems are designed to accept regular foot traffic with no additional surface protection and are suitable for zero falls applications. However, loose-laid timber decking or paving tiles may be installed over the membrane to suit the client’s needs.

The following is a summary of the product range. However if you require advice please do not hesitate to consult Polyroof Technical Services to ensure that the specification best suits your needs.

Polyroof 185 Anti-Slip System

Polyroof 185 is a glassfibre reinforced polyester waterproofing system that comes with a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee and is suitable for new build and also overdecking or re-decking existing constructions. The membrane is extremely tough, durable and impact resistant and is applied to Polyroof approved exterior grade plywood. Anti-slip grit finish should be specified for trafficked areas and will provide protection for verandas, terraces, viewing platforms and balconies, without further covering. A selection of colours and alternative finishes are available.

Protec System with Quartz Sand & Polyfinish

Protec is a reinforced polyester waterproofing system suitable for waterproofing a wide range of substrates including felt, asphalt and concrete. On balcony and walkway applications the system is finished with PolyFinish MMA, a tough impact resistant yet flexible methyl methacrylate based finishing coat. Used in conjunction with quartz sand aggregate, it has been specially developed to impart a highly wear resistant anti-slip finish to the Protec system.

Where new insulation is required, we have developed an innovative new system that has been specifically designed for warm roof balcony and walkway applications, which eliminates the need for using a plywood deck or mechanical fixings.

Polyroof ‘RES’ Balcony Board consists of high performance T&G rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation with a 3mm high-strength, non-compressible and puncture-resistant facing board which provides total protection from regular balcony usage. The boards are coated with the BBA-approved Protec waterproofing system and finished with a durable anti-slip finish to provide a uniquely efficient and effective solution for trafficked warm roof designs.