Polyroof’s Protec and Polyroof 185 liquid applied roofing systems are available with tough impact resistant finishes suitable for all balcony flooring and walkway applications. They can be used for new build or refurbishment projects and are easily cleaned and maintenance-free. Anti-slip grits can be incorporated within the systems to provide slip resistance and surface wear protection and alternatively the membranes are also fully compatible with timber decking, paving slabs or podium finishes.

Polyroof’s range of anti-slip finishes offer an attractive and hard-wearing solution for walkways and balcony flooring. Our standard range of anti-slip finishes is shown below however should you wish to use an alternative grit to achieve a particular aesthetic requirement please call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email technical@polyroof.co.uk

Protec System Anti-Slip Finishes

Quartz Sand & Polyfinish Light Grey
Quartz Sand & Polyfinish Dark Grey
Green Mineral Slate Chip*
Blue Mineral Slate Chip*
Quartz Sand
* Also suitable for use with the Polyroof 185 System

185 System Anti-Slip Finishes

Lead Green Standard Anti-Slip
Dark Grey Standard Anti-Slip
Light Battleship Grey Standard Anti-Slip
Dark Battleship Grey Standard Anti-Slip
Havana Standard Anti-Slip
Bauxite (Fully Blinded)

Being maintenance-free and entirely impervious to water, Polyroof membranes are ideal for use with loose-laid timber decking or paving slab systems, such as Caro Pedestal Supports or the Liberty Tiles System. When using timber decking the following points should be noted:

  • Timber decking, slabs or tiles should ideally be loose laid.
  • Timber bearers used with timber decking should not restrict flow of rainwater from the roof.
  • If using the 185, system pre-formed Polyroof GRP reverse right angle trims may be used in lieu of fillet trims where necessary.

For more information:

Download the Protec Balcony
Addition Sheet
Download the Polyroof 185
Balcony Addition Sheet

Polyroof’s Protec System can be specified as part of a podium roof design, or a “buried membrane” application. There are two types of podium roofs that are commonly used and, depending on which one you chose, the Polyroof specification is tailored to suit.

Decorative Tiles (PU Adhered)


If the specification requires bonded decorative tiles, we recommend the use of Mapei Kerlastic Adhesive, which has been tested and approved for use. This adhesive is flexible enough to accommodate structural expansion movements.

Download the Addition Sheet

Paving Slabs with Cementitious Mortar


Where cementitious mortars are used additional protection is required to protect from caustic attack, including the use of Polyfinish MMA as a protective barrier and/or a suitable sacrificial layer such as taped polyethylene sheets.

Download the Addition Sheet

Unique Warm Roof Solution for Balconies

The Polyroof RES Balcony Insulation is an innovative solution specifically designed for warm roof balcony and walkway applications, which eliminates the need for using a plywood deck or mechanical fixings. The system consists of high performance T&G PIR insulation with a 3mm high-strength, non-compressible and puncture-resistant facing board which provides total protection from regular balcony usage.

The boards are coated with the BBA-approved Protec waterproofing system and finished with a durable anti-slip finish to provide a uniquely efficient and effective solution for trafficked warm roof designs.

Key Benefits:

  • High-performance PIR insulation providing excellent thermal conductivity
  • High-strength, puncture resistant and non-compressible facing board bonded to the PIR insulation
  • Boards are directly waterproofed without the need for additional carrier layers or plywood decking
  • Minimises the height of the roof build-up allowing for more flexible designs in terms of upstand thresholds
  • The boards are rot-proof, durable and maintenance-free.
  • Available with bespoke cut-to-falls designs to reduce standing water

For more information:

Download Data Sheet Download Outline Spec

We provide a full and completely free support service to specifiers and clients at every step of a project, from initial consultation to final installation and throughout the lifespan of the roofing system. If you would like assistance with your project please complete the quick form below or call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890.

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Explorer Court, Plymouth

The project included the waterproofing of over 400 square metres on the main barrel roof and lower penthouse balconies for a highly successful and NRFC award winning development by Barratt Homes. The main roof was designed with a wave effect, with an internal radius of 5672mm. For the balcony areas, the designer specified decorative timber decking over the waterproof membrane, which meant that the membrane had to be durable enough to bear the weight from the decking.
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Residential Balconies with Polyroof’s 185 System

A waterproofing system that can also provide a hard wearing and effective anti-slip finish is essential to any balcony. The balcony must also be durable enough to withstand regular foot traffic as well as support heavy garden furniture and the like. As is often the case, the cost effectiveness and the aesthetics of the balcony are of upmost important to the client.

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