New Polyroof Balcony Board System

We have developed an innovative new system that has been specifically designed for warm roof balcony and walkway applications, which eliminates the need for using a plywood deck or mechanical fixings.

Polyroof ‘RES’ Balcony Board consists of high performance T&G rigid polyisocyanite (PIR) foam insulation with a 3mm high-strength, non-compressible and puncture-resistant facing board which provides total protection from regular balcony usage.

The boards are coated with the BBA-approved Protec waterproofing system and finished with a durable anti-slip finish to provide a uniquely efficient and effective solution for trafficked warm roof designs.

Key Benefits

  • High-strength, puncture resistant and non-compressible facing board bonded to the PIR insulation

  • High-performance PIR insulation providing excellent thermal conductivity

  • Boards are directly waterproofed without the need for additional carrier layers or plywood decking

  • Minimises the height of the roof build-up allowing for more flexible designs in terms of upstand thresholds

  • The boards are rot-proof, durable and maintenance-free.

  • Available with bespoke cut-to-falls designs to reduce standing water

For more information on the new Polyroof ‘RES’ Balcony Board please call the Technical Services team on 0800 801 890 or email