We are the Liquid Roofing Experts.

Since 1984, Polyroof has been manufacturing cold-applied liquid roofing systems - from our headquarters in Flintshire, North Wales - for the UK and international flat-roofing markets. Delivering products of the highest quality, and providing expert services for our clients, has been at the core of our philosophy since our inception - and remains the priority of our operations. We know that the expectations of our clients - in terms of quality, service and environmental performance - grow year upon year; that's why we invest in research and in the development of our liquid roofing systems so as to ensure we meet their every requirement. When choosing Polyroof, rest assured that you are investing in the best flat-roofing solutions available.

The Latest in Liquid Roofing Technology

Our product portfolio covers every aspect of flat roofing - no matter the size, complexity, shape or design, we have a solution to meet any demand. Polyroof's 185 system, which was the first ever GRP roofing system to receive BBA approval in 1986, has been honed and improved to deliver one of the most durable and robust waterproofing solutions on the market today.

Protec, our latest - and now most popular and versatile - innovation, is unlike anything else on the market today. The system combines the quick-curing and robustness of traditional fibreglass products with the flexibility and multi-substrate abilities of other liquids. With BBA, FM and ETA (CE Marked) approvals, and with a certified lifespan of over 25 years, there is no other liquid system that delivers this level of performance across so many applications. With their versatility and superior performance, there is no alternative that can protect a roof better than our liquid systems.





Polyroof Technical Services

Polyroof’s reputation has been built on the exceptional level of technical support provided to customers before, during and after contracts. The Polyroof technical team carry out site surveys and produce detailed roof specifications, drawings and proposals ensuring that the performance requirements and budget considerations of our clients are met. They advise and assist architects, specifiers and contractors in all aspects of the use and application of our range of liquid applied systems.

Polyroof Approved Contractors

It is essential that Polyroof's systems are applied correctly. Thus Polyroof systems are supplied to, and installed by, Polyroof trained and licensed contractors exclusively: this ensures consistent installation quality. The performances of contractors is monitored regularly; frequent installation inspections are carried out to maintain the highest standards. Training includes not merely the abstract theory of how the systems ought to be laid, but also involves on-site supervision. Some contractors who approach us fail to meet our rigid assessment criteria.