Polyroof Environmental Policy

As a leading supplier of cold applied liquid roofing systems to the domestic and commercial markets Polyroof Products Ltd is committed to managing and mitigating the environmental impacts which arise from its business activities in terms of:

  • Waste Management
  • Pollution Control
  • Energy and Resource Conservation
  • Management of Oil and Chemicals
  • Statutory Nuisance

We will manage our business activities in order to ensure that:

  • Environmental impacts arising from past, present and future activities are effectively managed to the highest environmental standards;
  • Ongoing compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and other related requirements subscribed to by the Company is maintained;
  • Pollution of the environment is prevented;
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance is achieved and maintained.

In order to ensure that our environmental commitments are realised through a planned and coordinated approach to environmental management we will implement and maintain an Environmental Management System certificated to BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

This Policy provides a framework to establish and review our environmental objectives, targets, and programmes in order to ensure continual performance improvement.

The policy is subject to annual review and is communicated publically and to all persons, suppliers and contractors working for and on behalf of Polyroof Products Ltd.

Environmental Accreditations

All Polyroof systems are manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards. Our products are exclusively manufactured in the UK, meaning there is minimal CO2 used in their distribution. We exclusively work in partnership with insulation manufacturers whose products are both CFC and HCFC free and manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001.

We strive to deal with main tier suppliers who endorse these programmes. One of the key environmental benefits is that once a Polyroof system reaches the end of its service life it can easily be rejuvenated by over-coating. This simple procedure gives further protection for decades to come whilst reducing waste by not having to strip the old roof covering, resulting in excellent life-cycle costing results.

BREEAM & Green Guide to Specification

The Green Guide to Specification forms the basis of construction material ratings for BREEAM assessments. Cold-applied liquid roofing membranes, such as those manufactured by Polyroof Products Ltd, have been recognised by BRE to help roofing elements achieve up to an A+ rating (depending on the roof construction).

This is a reflection of the sustainability and low environmental impact of cold-liquid applied roofing membranes. For more information on BREEAM please visit www.bre.co.uk/greenguide