Polyroof’s range of innovative roofing solutions is the most versatile on the market. No matter the size, complexity or individual challenges presented by a project, Polyroof’s liquid roofing systems will form a totally seamless and long-lasting waterproof membrane – guaranteed.

Here we summarise some of the many applications that our systems are suited for.

Disruption-Free Refurbishments that Provide Guaranteed Protection from Leaks

The Polyroof range of waterproofing systems is ideally suited for the refurbishment of existing roofs. No matter the size, condition, or complexity of the job at hand, Polyroof can tailor a solution to meet any refurbishment requirements. With guarantees of up to 25 years and BBA durability ratings of up to 30 years, our systems are a cost-effective, long term and rapid solution for all leaking roofs.

Achieve your Performance and Aesthetic Requirements with Complete Design Freedom

Polyroof systems have been specified by leading developers and house builders for over 30 years. With their extra-tough, impact-resistant and hardwearing finishes that resist damage from other trades, our systems provide peace of mind that they will remain waterproof for decades to come from the moment they are installed. Polyroof systems are available in a range of colours and finishes to complement a development’s aesthetics and are suitable for all roof designs.

Seamless Green Roof Solutions that are Proven to Last

With their many environmental and practical benefits, green roofs are becoming more and more popular. Whether you need a full green roof design service or just the roofing elements, Polyroof can tailor a solution to your exact requirements. Being seamless, lightweight, maintenance-free and long-lasting, there is no better choice than Polyroof for waterproofing a green roof.

Hardwearing and Totally Waterproof Finishes for Balconies & Walkways

Polyroof’s Protec and Polyroof 185 liquid applied roofing systems are available with tough impact resistant finishes suitable for all balcony flooring and walkway applications. They can be used for new build or refurbishment projects and are easily cleaned and maintenance-free. Anti-slip grits can be incorporated within the systems to provide slip resistance and surface wear protection and alternatively the membranes are also fully compatible with timber decking, paving slabs or podium finishes.

The Ideal Waterproofing Base for Use for Photovoltaic (PV) Cells

Polyroof’s range of BBA-approved roofing systems are ideal for use with photovoltaic cells and, being applied as a liquid, they can seamlessly encapsulate the supports of PV cells to provide a completely watertight detail. The waterproofing membranes are tough and durable and can easily support the weight of PV cells whilst also being highly resistant to damage from other trades.

An Attractive and Cost-Effective Alternative to Metal Roofs

The high cost of metals in general has resulted in a marked increase in the thefts of lead, copper and zinc. Flashings from old and new buildings are being stolen and the lead roofs of churches, schools and other public and historic buildings are often stripped for their resale value. Polyroof systems are the solution. Our range of BBA approved, cold liquid applied systems can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and the price and, having no scrap value, are not prone to vandalism. Seamless, tough and maintenance-free, Polyroof systems can be used on flat or pitched roofs and all forms of internal guttering.