Polyroof’s range of BBA-approved roofing systems are ideal for use with photovoltaic cells and, being applied as a liquid, they can seamlessly encapsulate the supports of PV cells to provide a completely watertight detail. The waterproofing membranes are tough and durable and can easily support the weight of PV cells whilst also being highly resistant to damage from other trades.

Fixing Photovoltaics to a Flat Roof

PV Cells can be mechanically fixed to the surface of a flat roof to provide a secure and permanent installation. Polyroof’s liquid systems allow for simple and seamless detailing to PV cell fixings – we have provided a CAD detail showing such an application on the next tab.

Loose-Laid Photovoltaics

As an alternative to fixing into a roof, PV cells can be installed over a roof using ballasted support systems. Being hardwearing, robust and impact resistant, Polyroof membranes offer the ideal waterproofing layer for use beneath such systems.

Seamless Detailing to PV Cell Stanchions

Being liquid applied, Polyroof systems provide a totally weatherproof detail with none of the weak points associated with the lap joints of sheeted roof materials, such as felt or single-ply. This CAD detail demonstrates how the Protec system can be used to fully encapsulate the supports of a PV cell.

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Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh

Following the installation of the Protec system, supported by a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee, 288 PV solar panels were installed. These are set to generate 62,000 kWh per year, which equates to around £23,000 – £25,000 of annual savings for Eastleigh Borough Council. What’s more, the expected payback of the panels is a mere 8 – 9 years…
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Nautica, Hampshire

This attractive new apartment block development on the south coast of England required a thermally efficient roof design that could also incorporate photovoltaic (PV) cells. Due to the strong winds the roof was subjected to, the client required the PV cells to be mechanically fixed into the roof structure. Having worked with Polyroof on various new build developments in the past, a solution was sought that could meet all of the environmental and energy demands whilst also providing durable and fully guaranteed waterproofing…
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Sustainable Apartment Block Development

The client had stringent criteria for the roof of this prestigious apartment block in Richmond, Surrey: it had to be a warm roof with a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K and the waterproofing membrane needed to be BBA approved, guaranteed for 20 years, be able to fully encapsulate the PV cell stanchions and be able to simulate the look of zinc sheets… [Read More]

Let Polyroof Take Responsibility for Your Roof

Polyroof’s reputation has been built on the high level of technical support provided to clients before, during and after every contract. We like to work closely with our clients from the very beginning of a flat roofing project right through to completion and throughout the lifespan of the roof. From our experience, this is the best way to guarantee that all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards that our clients expect.

Importantly, we understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities during a construction or refurbishment project. Flat roofs mean a great deal to us, but we know our clients have plenty of other aspects of a project to focus on.

This is why we strive to take on board as many of the challenges and issues associated with the flat roof that we can, freeing up our clients’ time so they can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

If you would like assistance with your project please complete the quick form below, call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email technical@polyroof.co.uk

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