The high cost of metals in general has resulted in a marked increase in the thefts of lead, copper and zinc. Flashings from old and new buildings are being stolen and the lead roofs of churches, schools and other public and historic buildings are often stripped for their resale value. Polyroof systems are the solution. Our range of BBA approved, cold liquid applied systems can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and the price and, having no scrap value, are not prone to vandalism. Seamless, tough and maintenance-free, Polyroof systems can be used on flat or pitched roofs and all forms of internal guttering.

185 System

• For simulated metal finishes
•  Suitable for new builds or refurbishment
•  Glossier finish
•  Extremely tough and hard-wearing

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Protec System

•  For simulated metal finishes
•  Suitable for new builds or refurbishment
•  Matt finish
•  Durable and flexible

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Elastex SoLo System

•  For direct coating of metal roofs and gutters
•  Suitable for refurbishments
•  Matt finish
•  Highly-flexible and long-lasting

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Simulated Metal Finishes Brochure

Our Simulated Metal Finishes brochure outlines the benefits and features of Polyroof’s popular alternative to metal roofs.

Content includes:

  • Description of the various finishes achievable
  • Case studies
  • Polyroof GRP Trim information
  • How to request a sample

How is the Finish Achieved?

Polyroof’s simulated metal finishes are achieved through the installation of Polyroof pre-formed GRP trims which are fixed to the deck / substrate prior to the application of the Polyroof waterproofing membrane.

The trims come in two varieties – lead roll effect and standing seam (for zinc and copper reproductions). Upon completion, the finish is totally seamless without any of the weak points associated with the joints of metal roofs.

CAD Detail Download – Lead Roll Effect Trim

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)
CAD Detail Download – Standing Seam Effect Trim

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Residential Zinc Effect Roof, Harrogate

he client wanted the new roof sections above their large extension to complement the slate work and aesthetics of the original building whilst adding a contemporary and stylish look to the extension. Originally considering a zinc sheeted roofing system, the client explored alternative materials that could achieve the same visual impact but at lower cost… [Read More]

Lead Roll Effect for New Build Development

Local planning constraints did not permit the use of traditional slate for this new build development in Surrey. The overall aesthetic appearance was very important; originally traditional metal roofing was considered but the client had reservations with possible noise and theft problems and tasked Polyroof with providing an alternative finish…
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Zinc Finish Roof for Apartment Block

The client had stringent criteria for the roof of this prestigious apartment block in Richmond, Surrey: it had to be a warm roof with a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K and the waterproofing membrane needed to be BBA approved, guaranteed for 20 years, be able to fully encapsulate the PV cell stanchions and be able to simulate the look of zinc sheets…
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“Ski Slope” Roof at JG Woodland Centre, Sheffield

The JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre was constructed in the Ecclesall Woods Sawmill as part of the Sheffield Woodlands Environment Enhancement Project. The centre provides educational, information and refreshment facilities for the many visitors to the site. The centre has been designed to blend in with the surrounding woodlands and the roof of the main building has a large ‘ski slope’ style roof that required a high performance roofing system… [Read more]

Rejuvenation of Aged Zinc Roof

The client for this project operates a number of learning centres across the UK. Having specified Polyroof systems to refurbish various roof areas at other sites, they turned to Polyroof to provide a solution to the leaking zinc roof at this picturesque location in Perthshire. The BBA-approved Elastex system was chosen for the project, which is ideal for coating aged metal substrates…
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Let Polyroof Take Responsibility for Your Roof

Polyroof’s reputation has been built on the high level of technical support provided to clients before, during and after every contract. We like to work closely with our clients from the very beginning of a flat roofing project right through to completion and throughout the lifespan of the roof. From our experience, this is the best way to guarantee that all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards that our clients expect.

Importantly, we understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities during a construction or refurbishment project. Flat roofs mean a great deal to us, but we know our clients have plenty of other aspects of a project to focus on.

This is why we strive to take on board as many of the challenges and issues associated with the flat roof that we can, freeing up our clients’ time so they can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

If you would like assistance with your project please complete the quick form below, call our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email

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