At Polyroof we believe urgent action is needed to limit climate change.

Science suggests that global greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions must reduce by 43% by 2030 if we are to limit the impacts of climate change. We believe we must make a difference now. That’s why we have made our Protec Evolve System carbon neutral. Protec Evolve has been certified carbon neutral by an independent third party (Carbon Footprint Ltd). The cradle to-grave* carbon emissions of Protec Evolve are fully offset using Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) greenhouse gas credits which support renewable energy projects around the globe.

Science tells us that global warming should be limited to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels if our planet is to avoid the worst effects of climate change. To achieve this, it is claimed that we must reduce global emissions by 43% by 2030, and hit Net Zero globally by 2050.

Net Zero means that human generated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are fully balanced by human generated removals. According to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) this will require deep cuts in GHG emissions of at least 90% by companies like Polyroof.

Through its parent company, the Roberts Group, Polyroof has committed to reducing Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42% by 2030, and to measure and reduce Scope 3. Alongside this the Roberts Group has set an ambitious but realistic roadmap to reach Net Zero by 2050. We are fully committed to deep, rapid, decarbonisation.

We know that deep decarbonisation will take time to deliver. By specifying carbon neutral Protec Evolve you will be playing your part in helping to reduce global emissions by 2030 whilst conveying a powerful message to your customers.

Decarbonisation at Polyroof is driven by innovative UK based R&D, and Manufacturing Teams (ISO 14001 certified). We use life cycle assessment data to identify and tackle carbon intensive raw materials and processes, reducing the carbon footprint of our products and services. We also invest in renewable energy, for example, the installation of solar panels at our HQ in North Wales.

Protec Evolve is just one of our many sustainable liquid roofing solutions. Our expert team can provide high quality advice and solutions to help you reduce embodied and operational carbon in your buildings; improve biodiversity through green & blue roofs; generate renewable energy through solar solutions; and much more. Contact us now at to discover more.

*Modules A1-A3, C and D emissions as per the third party verified Protec Evolve EPD (BREG EN EPD No 000517). Remaining emissions calculated by Carbon Footprint Ltd. Full cradle-to-grave emissions verified by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

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