Alpha Specialist Roofing Ltd excels in managing a diverse range of commercial and industrial roofing projects, from minor repairs to comprehensive refurbishments. With a robust foundation of 25 years roofing know how, and a thorough understanding of all aspects of roofing, the Alpha team offer an abundance of expertise in the roofing sector. Their specialisation in the application of liquid roofing systems is underpinned by their extensive experience with various liquid systems, ensuring the most effective methods are applied to deliver long term solutions for every project they undertake.

Since 2019, the leadership of Mark Baldock and Darren Bowyer has been pivotal in Alpha’s evolution from a general construction firm to a roofing specialist. An experienced roofer of 23 years, Mark has worked with liquids since 2001, however it was 2017 when he started working with Alpha that he started to use the Polyroof Protec System. Despite the formidable challenges presented by the pandemic shortly after their leadership began, Alpha Specialist Roofing has since flourished.

The 1200m² refurbishment of the Sir John Moore Barracks is a standout project, particularly as it has reached the finals of the NFRC Awards this year. The project’s complexity is notable, encompassing 10 distinctly different roof areas, requiring coordination with numerous other trades, and operating under heightened security measures, including managing secure access and stringent security protocols. The exceptionally hot conditions necessitated the use of summer inhibitors to extend the pot life of the Polyroof Protec system. Additionally, the presence of protected wildlife nesting on the roof brought environmental considerations into play. Complying with national wildlife laws, the Alpha team implemented measures to protect and accommodate the wildlife, ensuring harmony with the ongoing refurbishment.

Collaboration with manufacturers like Polyroof is integral to Alpha’s success, providing support and partnership that contributes significantly to the completion of their projects. This shared ethos of quality between Alpha Specialist Roofing and their partners ensures that clients receive a service that is worth coming back for. Customer retention is a significant indicator of Alpha’s success, their assurance in bringing new solutions to old problems, specialising in the application of liquid roofing systems, and ensuring that all installers are expertly trained, enabling them to confidently address customer queries when they arise.

Looking to the future, Alpha’s goals are straightforward; maintain customer satisfaction and continue to grow. With aspirations by far exceeding their previous year’s turnover, the future appears bright. They aim to strengthen partnerships, invest in their team’s training and development, and maintain their commitment to quality installations, and customer satisfaction— key factors that keep customers loyal to Alpha Specialist Roofing for their roofing needs.

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