Barton Primary School was converted into an academy. As part of these works the structure of the school required renovating and expanded to meet the standards expected. Areas using Polyroof’s systems included new extension roofs, refurbishment of existing roofs, and the creation of colourful dormer pods.

The requirements of this project were as varied as they were demanding. With it being a school the works had to be carried out as rapidly as possible and with as minimum disruption. For safety reasons cold-applied systems were preferred to traditional hot-applied solutions.

It was decided that Protec was the best option for the academy, Protec was ideal for the refurbishment needs due to the fact it can be directly applied to a wide range of existing roof coverings. Protec was also idea for the dormer pods due to its optimum combination of flexibility and robustness, as well as its ability to be produced in any colour which helped the architect finish the building to its full potential.