Aston Martin Headquarters Roof

Project Size: 300m2

Approved Contractor: Mars Construct Ltd

Location: Gaydon, Warwickshire

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Transport

System Installed: Protec System

Aston Martin Headquarters Roof

As a company passionate about UK manufacturing, Aston Martin’s choice to work with Polyroof – the only independent UK manufacturer of cold-applied liquid systems – was a natural one.

The new roofing system had to be cold-applied to eliminate the risk of accidental fire during installation. New insulation was also desirable to further improve the thermal performance of the roof. It was essential to reduce disruption to the operations of the facility, meaning any new system must be rapid to install with the existing roof predominantly being kept in place.

After leaks were reported, The findings of Polyroof’s survey were presented to Aston Martin in the form of a bespoke specification, where the Protec Warm Roof System was the recommended solution. Core tests taken during the inspection had revealed that despite the leaking through the existing PVC single-ply membrane, the existing build-up of 60mm PIR insulation was found to be dry and in sound enough condition to be retained as the base for the new roofing system, saving the client time on the project.

It was also identified that the current insulated roof configuration was missing a Vapour Control Layer, meaning the roof was at risk of condensation issues. This problem was designed out by the installation of 120mm Polyroof RES Insulation above the existing single-ply membrane, which was made good to form an effective vapour control layer.

By creating a “hybrid” roof with double the insulation above the vapour barrier than below, the risk of condensation was eliminated and this was demonstrated by analysis conducted on the proposed build-up.

To eliminate the standing water issues, sumps were placed around the existing outlets, greatly improving their drainage capacity, and offering a highly cost-effective solution when compared to the need to alter the falls of the roof.

Polyroof Technical Services visited site regularly to advise and assist architects, specifiers and contractors in all aspects of the project.

The finished roof provided a seamless and extra-tough waterproof membrane that was supported by the trusted Polyroof Accredited System Guarantee, with a separate insurance-backing scheme provided at no cost to the client. Aston Martin Lagonda now have the peace of mind that the roof above this landmark facility will be leak-free for decades to come.

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