Barbirolli Square

Project Size: 280m2

Approved Contractor: LRL Roofing Solutions

Location: Manchester

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Commercial

System Installed: Protec & Xtraflex System

Barbirolli Square

Polyroof was specified for this office roof refurbishment in Manchester that required a minimum disruption and rapid waterproofing solution. Located in Manchester’s thriving business district and home to a number of companies, the roof required a new waterproofing system to prevent costly leaks and disruption to operations. Chosen for its ability to coat existing roof surfaces without the need for strip-and replace works, Polyroof’s liquid applied membranes were installed by approved contractor LRL Roofing Solutions to quickly create a seamless, durable and fully guaranteed waterproofing system over the entire roof area.

The Challenge

After inspecting the roof area, it was highlighted that the aging roof required urgent repairs due to leaks in multiple areas, including from the internal outlets. The existing construction of the roof consisted of single ply membrane, timber deck and timer joints which was ascertained through core tests carried out by Polyroof’s Technical Services. The results of the tests indicated that the existing roof could be retained and overlaid, providing the client with the cost-effective and minimum-disruption solution they were seeking. A major obstacle encountered during the project was the height of the building. Its considerable elevation made erecting scaffolding for edge protection exceedingly challenging.

Consequently, the LRL operatives had to resort to harnesses and mansafe systems, complicating the installation further. Furthermore, with works beginning in February 2024 – the wettest on record in the UK for 130 years – it was anticipated that the famous British weather may create challenges to the available installation time windows.

The perimeter edge detail also posed a significant challenge in this project, requiring on-site operatives to securely fasten all materials and equipment to themselves and the roof area. This precaution was necessary as they worked around the perimeter edge, given that the area below was accessible to the public.

The Solution

Following the survey by Polyroof Technical Services demonstrating the roof could be retained and overlaid, LRL Roofing Solutions began by preparing the surface area. This involved power washing the roof to ensure a clean surface before the new waterproof system was applied. The team applied quick drying metal primer to the perimeter metal flashing and guttering before independently sealing the metal flashing and gutter by using butyl and taping mat. The metal gutters around the perimeters were then encapsulated using Polyroof XtraFlex, an ultra-flexible liquid applied membrane ideal for coating metal substrates. This provided a fully seamless and watertight finish for this problematic detail.

Polyroof Techincal Services advised the installation team to apply Protec to the points of contact to the roof of the lightning conductor in Light Grey to highlight where they were situated. This was due to being extremely difficult to see as the original colour blended into the main roof area, which created a serious issue regarding the safety of the workers.

For the main roof area, Single Ply Primer 202, was applied to the whole area, followed by a full encapsulation of Polyroof’s BBA Approved Protec System. After the system was applied to the whole roof area, a top coat was then applied. Finally, outlet leaf guards were installed to protect the guttering from rust and rot. The existing perimeter edge detailing was also encapsulated within the XtraFlex system to prevent the risk of future leaks at these details.

The project was skillfully installed by LRL Roofing Solutions and supported by regular visits from Polyroof Technical Services. This ensured that every phase of the project, from inception to completion, aligned perfectly with the customer’s requirements, schedule, and budget. The outcome was a remarkable success, highlighting the benefits of liquid systems brilliantly – no other technology could make such a complex shape roof waterproof in such an effective way. Following the project’s completion, the Polyroof Technical Team conducted a thorough inspection of the roof, adhering to Polyroof guidelines, and subsequently granted the client the trusted Polyroof System Guarantee. The client can rest assured that the newly installed Polyroof membranes will provide lasting protection for decades to come.

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