Barton Hill Academy

Project Size: 150m2

Approved Contractor: J R Flat Roofing

Location: Torquay

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Academies

System Installed: Protec System

Barton Hill Academy

Barton Hill Primary School was converted into an academy. As part of these works, the structure of the school required renovating and expanding to meet the standards expected. Areas using Polyroof’s systems included new extension roofs, refurbishment of existing roofs, and the creation of colourful dormer pods.

The requirements of this project were as varied as they were demanding. With it being a school, the works had to be carried out as rapidly as possible and with minimum disruption. For safety reasons cold-applied systems were preferred to traditional hot-applied solutions.

The survey showed that the existing roof covering consisted of built-up felt with a mineral cap sheet (with chippings present in areas). Beneath was a T&G timber deck and timber joist support structure. There was no insulation present within the existing roof build-up therefore a thermal upgrade would also be provided.

It was decided that the Protec System would be ideal for the refurbishment as it can be directly applied to a wide range of existing roof coverings. Because Protec can be produced in any colour, this helped the architect finish the building to its full, colourful potential. The Protec System also provided the following benefits:

Seamless Membrane
The Protec system provides a flexible and seamless membrane that eliminates the risk of water ingress at the weak points associated with the lap joints of sheeted roofing materials such as single-ply or felt.

Cold Applied for Maximum Safety
All Polyroof systems are cold applied, so there are none of the safety risks associated with the open flames and hot torches used with traditional roll-applied systems.

Rapid Installation with Minimal Disruption
Since no stripping of the old roof is necessary, there is no waste material to dispose of. Protec can therefore be installed with minimal fuss, minimal surface preparation and minimal disruption.

Long Service Life
When Protec reaches the end of its service life, a further coating of Protec membrane can be applied to rejuvenate the system and extend the working life for decades to come.



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