Bourne Court Accommodation

Project Size: 3000m2

Approved Contractor: Prestige Roofing Services Ltd

Location: Ruislip

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Housing & Accommodation

System Installed: Protec System

Bourne Court Accommodation

Polyroof, were approached by Prestige Roofing to provide a high-performance and long-lasting waterproofing system for a new living accommodation project at Bourne Court, Ruislip, Middlesex.
The project involved the construction of new flat roofs and balconies which required a reliable waterproofing solution in conjunction with cut-to-falls insulation. After discussions with the client, Polyroof proposed the use of our BBA Approved Protec waterproofing system in lieu of the of the originally specified single-ply system.

The Challenge and Solution

The main challenge faced in this project was to provide a waterproofing system that could withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection for the new living accommodation. Polyroof’s Protec waterproofing system, with its BBA approval, was the ideal solution. The specification utilised the application of the Protec system in conjunction with a carrier layer installed on cut-to-fall insulation for the main roofs, whilst on the balconies, the Protec system was applied directly to the new concrete.
The proposed construction of the flat roofs consisted of a concrete deck with a cut-to-falls warm roof installation, while the balcony areas featured a concrete deck with a screed forming falls. Polyroof provided specific instructions for surface preparation, priming, and installation of their products to ensure optimal performance.

Polyroof outlined a detailed installation process. We recommended the preparation of metal surfaces by removing debris, solvent-wiping with acetone, and applying appropriate treatments. PVC protrusions were mechanically abraded and wiped with acetone. Before laying the Polyroof Air & Vapour Control Layer, surfaces had to be smooth, level, and free from voids, sharp protrusions, dust, frost, or dew.

Polyroof’s SA Primer was specified for priming the concrete deck before the application of the self-adhesive Air & Vapour Control Layer. The installation of the Cut-to-Falls Tissue-Therm Insulation required the use of Polyroof Single Pack Insulation Adhesive, applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The 25mm insulation was also installed on the inner face of the parapet walls as shown in the architects’ drawings.

Upon completion of the preparation and installation process, Polyroof recommended the final steps for the project. The Cut-to-Falls Tissue-Therm Insulation was to be primed with Polyroof SA Primer, followed by the application of the self-adhesive Polyroof SA Carrier Layer, adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Any metal surfaces required Polyroof Metal Detailing Primer, while other surfaces were to be primed according to the instructions in the Protec Manual issued by Polyroof Products Limited. Local reinforcement, if necessary, involved the application of Protec Resin and 75mm wide Polymat 450, with the addition of dis-bondment tape to joints subject to movement.

After applying the first coat of Protec Resin and Polymat 450, the system was left to cure. A second coat of Protec Resin was then applied. Pinholes and misses were checked after each coat and rectified as needed.

Completion and Inspection

Finally, Polyroof assured the client of a 20-year guarantee for the Protec waterproofing system. The guarantee was supported by an independently administered trust fund with annually renewable insurance, providing peace of mind for the long-term performance and reliability of the roof.

In conclusion, Polyroof successfully provided Prestige roofing with a high-performance and long-lasting waterproofing solution for the new living accommodation project at Bourne Court. Our BBA Approved Protec system, combined with cut-to-falls insulation, ensured the durability and protection required for the flat roofs and balconies. The project was completed according to the specified installation process, and Polyroof’s 20-year guarantee provided the client with confidence in the reliability of the system.

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