Latymer School

Project Size: 1900m2

Approved Contractor: Skyline Roofing

Location: Haselbury, London

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Education

System Installed: Protec Evolve System

Latymer School

The certified Carbon Neutral Protec Evolve system was specified on this school refurbishment project due to its ultra-low odour and sustainable credentials.

With its fully cold-applied, flame-free installation with zero nuisance odours, works were able to be carried out during term time with minimal disruption to the operations of the school. The system’s EPD certification and Carbon Neutral stats meant the school was able to measure and limit its environmental impact during the works. The extended 30 year durability rating (BBA Cert No. 09/4676 PS2) offers superior life cycle costings and, coupled with Polyroof’s Trusted Accredited System Guarantee, provided total peace of mind for the school.

The extensive roof survey conducted by Polyroof Technical Services involved an indepth inspection of the existing single ply membrane. Any defects found were repaired, ensuring that the insulation and underlying substrate were in optimal condition to provide a solid base for overlaying with the BBA approved, low odour, Protec Evolve System.

Additionally, all areas to be treated were thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, debris, surface water, and any undesirable growth such as mould or moss. Areas with fungal growth or moss were treated with Polykill W Anti-Fungal Wash to ensure the destruction of spores, and power washing was employed to remove residues. Any areas with loose or dis-bonded single-ply membrane were suitably re-fixed prior to coating, and local damage was repaired or made good as appropriate.

Adhesion tests identified that the application of primer would be required before the first coat of Protec Evolve Resin. Wet or saturated substrates were fully dried out before any products were applied.

The roof survey also addressed detailing at specific areas such as wall abutments, edge details, rooflights, protrusions/plinths, and internal outlets. Each of these components was carefully inspected and, when necessary, repaired or made good to ensure the Protec Evolve System could be integrated seamlessly. The cold applied Protec System was originally chosen to provide a flexible and seamless membrane that eliminated the risk of water ingress around penetration points from the large amounts of plant that is located on the roof. However, due to the school still being partially open during the summer break, the low odour Protec Evolve System was chosen to carry out the final works.

All areas of the roof required priming with Polyroof SP 202-Primer before the first coat of the Protec Evolve System could then be installed in conjunction with Polymat 450 reinforcement. The first coat Protec Evolve was applied and allowed to cure and, due to the system’s Rapid Cure technology, could be walked on just 30-60 minutes after applications. Due to exceptionally high levels of rain in August 2023, the first coat was imperative to the project. This allowed for large roof areas to be made fully waterproof within a matter of hours. The Skyline team could then return to site during breaks in the long periods of rainfall to apply the top coat and complete the installation. Throughout the project, the Polyroof Technical team made regular site visits to ensure best practise and provide installation guidance as required.

During the project, safety and environmental considerations were paramount. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was mandatory at all times, with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) readily available for guidance. Risk assessments and method statements were conducted by the Skyline team to ensure that the work proceeded safely.

The quality of the workmanship, coupled with the right choice of roofing material made for a superior refurbishment solution that remedied all existing issues. Upon completion, a final inspection by the Polyroof Technical Team, led to the roof being signed off and guaranteed, giving the client complete peace of mind that their roof will be fully watertight. The client was delighted with the finished roof and will have guaranteed peace of mind for decades to come.

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