Sir John Moore Barracks

Project Size: 1200m2

Approved Contractor: Alpha Specialist Roofing Ltd

Location: Folkestone

Project Type: Refurbishment

Sector: Military

System Installed: Protec System

Sir John Moore Barracks

Nestled within the Shorncliffe Army Camp in Kent, the project at Sir John Moore Barracks arose out of the need to address the critical deterioration of existing roof areas across the site including gym facilities, offices, corridors and changing rooms. The BBA Approved Protec System was chosen for the refurbishment project to provide a thermally upgraded, waterproof solution that would provide the client peace of mind for years to come.

A comprehensive survey was conducted to determine the underlying roof build-up and assess its condition. Core tests revealed a composition that included 80mm Rockwool insulation, a bituminous vapour control layer, Stramit Deck, and Timber Joists.

The complexity of the roof was reflected by dividing into three sections, encompassing 10 distinct roof areas and 2 box gutters.

The survey findings identified the necessity for a new high-performance waterproofing system to ensure long-term protection against leaks. Additionally, the saturated existing Rockwool Insulation resulted in the recommendation to strip-back to the bituminous vapour control layer and provide a thermal upgrade to enhance energy efficiency, reduce fuel bills, and mitigate condensation risks.

The installation phase encountered various challenges, each requiring strategic solutions due to the additional thickness from the new insulation needed to meet the latest building regulation standards. Firstly, the design of a new higher roof system was imperative to seamlessly align with existing thresholds. This intricate task demanded careful planning to ensure structural compatibility and a harmonious integration with the surrounding architecture. Coordination with other trades was another significant challenge during the installation. Effectively synchronising efforts with different teams and contractors required meticulous planning and communication to prevent disruptions and ensure a smooth workflow throughout the project. Heightened security measures added an additional layer of complexity to the installation process. Managing secure access to the facility and organising deliveries in compliance with stringent security protocols became paramount to the project’s success. Working in high temperatures between April and September posed practical challenges for the installation team. When working in hotter conditions, the experienced Alpha operatives used used Protec Summer Inhibitor to slow down the pot life and cure times of the resin.

The presence of protected wildlife nesting on the roof introduced environmental considerations. Adhering to national wildlife laws, the Alpha team implemented measures to protect and accommodate the wildlife, ensuring a harmony with the ongoing refurbishment.

50mm Polyroof Tissue-Therm Insulation was strategically installed at specified locations to create 200mm wide gutters, to facilitate water drainage and provide the required 150mm upstand heights at wall and window abutments. Wind uplift calculations in accordance with BS 6399-2:1997 were also carried out to ensure it could withstand the associated wind uplift pressures and environmental conditions of the coastal location.

The final finish shows the exceptional standards achieved by the Alpha Specialist Roofing operatives. The result was a fully encapsulated roofing system, leaving no detail exposed to the elements. Upon a thorough final inspection by Polyroof technical services, the project received approval for guarantee. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the advice and service levels provided throughout the project, highlighting the success of the project as a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of liquid waterproofing solutions.

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