Contractor Focus Edition 2: Capital Roofing

Contractor Focus Edition 2: Capital Roofing

Capital Roofing was established nine years ago, when Billy Baverstock was just 21 years old. The company’s beginnings trace back to a humble shed in his mother’s back garden. From these modest origins, the company progressed through various phases, initially relying on hiring containers before eventually acquiring a dedicated workshop and office space in two locations. The journey of Capital Roofing was marked by both perseverance and the unwavering support of key allies, notably Polyroof. It was in these early days that the support shown by Polyroof to Capital Roofing meant the most to Billy, “The company was very young at the time and so was I. The team at Polyroof, especially Lee Holden, put a lot of trust and belief in me during those difficult early phases. Helping me win work and giving me project advice.”

Billy left college at the age of 17, initially unable to pursue a career in his desired profession, leading him to explore construction jobs. A role as a roofing labourer became his starting point in the industry. Learning the roofing trade from the bottom up leaving no stone unturned was natural, and starting his own business driven on by his grandfather, was almost inevitable. It was the process of choosing the company name that was the most difficult, “We bounced a few names around from a huge list of names we had created, and it took ages. In the end it was my wife, Kirsty that came up with the name and from that we never looked back.”

Specialising in flat roofing, pitch roofing, commercial, and residential projects, Capital Roofing expanded its services to include small building and carpentry works. It is the flat roofing where Polyroof came in, and if a roof is flat, it is Polyroof liquids that get used. The transition from subcontractor to main contractor marked a significant evolution for the company, presenting new challenges that were embraced eagerly, with a focus on offering a personal touch to clients. This personal touch is something that mirrored the beliefs of Polyroof. A team that deals with people and where personal touch is paramount. Whether meeting them at the office or visiting their sites, Capital Roofing’s team provided dedicated assistance and guidance.

Billy is a big believer in quality and puts customer service above anything else. Using Protec on any flat roofing projects is key because he knows his team love to install it and that clients will be getting the highest quality. “The bit that is important to me is I know what goes into a tin. I don’t mean that in a chemistry sense, but the hours of research and development, quality control and highest manufacturing standards that Polyroof has. I can share this with my customers, when you use Capital, you are also using the highest quality products on the market.

With a staff of around 12 individuals, Kirsty plays a pivotal role in managing the day-to-day operations, managing the Cheltenham office, handling enquiries, and coordinating with the head office in Rainham, Essex. Joe, a former RAF member, serves as the full-time contracts manager, bringing valuable expertise and drive to propel the company forward. The edition of Joel Goldsbrough as Capital’s full-time estimator has brought years of experience in the roofing sector and elevated the company further. The onsite roofing team, including Dan, Jim, Frankie, Jack, John, Andy, and others, along with subcontractors, form the backbone of Capital Roofing’s operations, contributing significantly to its day-to-day success.

The biggest recent change to the business has been Rachel Burn, who has come in as a director alongside Billy. Formerly owning a successful roofing company herself, Rachel has years of experience in the roofing industry and is also now a huge asset to the company. As the company has grown, the need for a full-time media team has grown with it and now Capital has Megan and Sam regularly producing content to prospect potential customers. The business has come a long, long way since the garden shed!

As Capital Roofing continues to thrive and expand its footprint in the construction industry, the partnership with Polyroof remains a cornerstone, rooted in friendship, quality, and mutual respect. With both entities committed to delivering excellence in their respective domains, the prospects for continued growth and success appear promising for many years to come.

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