Contractor Focus Edition 1: JR Flat Roofing

Contractor Focus Edition 1: JR Flat Roofing

A Watertight Friendship: Polyroof and JR Flat Roofing

In the vast and ever-evolving world of construction, it’s not just bricks and beams that form the foundation of success. Sometimes, it’s the relationships forged between businesses that stand the test of time and weather any storm. In our first ever edition of Contractor Focus, we shine a light on a relationship that has thrived for over three decades – Polyroof and JR Flat Roofing.

From the serene landscapes of Land’s End to the northern expanse of John o’ Groats, and from the vibrant streets of London to the tranquil shores of Jersey, JR Flat Roofing (UK) Ltd serves the entire breadth of the United Kingdom.

Their diligent and experienced team has left its roofing imprint in a diverse array of settings, from vibrant shopping precincts and educational institutions to the formidable confines of prisons and the sanctity of hospitals. It’s a family-run business, originally founded by John Rogers, that is now steered by the capable hands of his children, Nick, Marion, and Phil. Their dedication to the family business shines through in their mission to provide clients with top-tier roofing solutions at competitive rates. The reputation they’ve meticulously crafted extends across the industry, a testament to their commitment to consistently go above and beyond, exceed expectations, and ensure customer satisfaction at every juncture.

In early October 2023, Dominic Haynes, Marketing Manager for Polyroof Products, travelled down to JR Flat Roofing to talk with Nigel Andrewartha and also present a commemorative 40-year anniversary tin of Protec. Nigel Andrewartha, JR’s Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Manager, has a unique connection with this tale. He’s known the Rogers family for nearly four decades, having grown up just three doors down from them. He even lent a helping hand on various projects over the years, before formally joining JR in 2018.

The Early Years

Picture this: it was the early 1990s when Nick and Phil Rogers of JR Flat Roofing crossed paths with Polyroof at a DCE trade exhibition. Little did they know that this chance encounter would mark the beginning of a relationship that would continue for the next 30+ years. The brothers first dipped their toes into the liquid roofing world on a project on Falmouth Pier with Polyroof 185 and, in their own words, found it to be “a very new experience.” Yet, they saw the potential of a liquid system for flat roofs and pressed on. Fast forward to the late ’90s, when Polyroof launched the flexible hybrid polymer, Protec. Protec became the flagship product for both Polyroof and JR Flat Roofing and has played a pivotal role in countless roofing projects. 

The Logistics of Trust

In the world of construction, time is money, and JR Flat Roofing have come to rely on the efficiency of Polyroof’s logistics services, ensuring their products arrive as needed, when they are needed. Nigel himself appreciates the support, even during late hours, and acknowledges the dedication of the logistics team, including the ever-helpful Joanne Aldridge. Even at 6pm on a Friday the logistics team support JR by looking at getting product out to them on site anywhere in the UK on a Saturday morning.  Nigel does keep the logistics team sweet from time to time by sending through a box or two of their favourite chocolates. This level of dedication has come a long way since the early days when John Rogers, JR Flat Roofing’s founder, would embark on predawn missions to collect the necessary product from Polyroof, a 600-mile round trip!

The Secret Ingredients

Polyroof’s role with JR goes beyond the excellence of their versatile, fast-curing, and durable products. Their summer inhibitors and winter accelerators have played a crucial role for JR, ensuring projects cure on schedule for the next project stages. Beyond the practical aspects, Nigel highlighted that, aside from its durability, it’s the visual charm of a liquid roofing system that captures the imagination of their clients.

Notably, the BBA and UKTA accreditations have instilled a deep sense of trust in JR Flat Roofing’s clients, helping JR to win more work. As the construction industry places increasing importance on sustainability, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Protec and Protec Evolve promises not just environmental responsibility but also a competitive edge in the evolving market. It’s more than just a certification; it signifies both Polyroof and JR Flat Roofing’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

In a relationship spanning over four decades, it is essential to acknowledge that the journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. As they do in any relationship, many challenges and obstacles have presented themselves over the years. Projects have encountered unforeseen hurdles, timelines have been pushed to their limits, and the occasional hiccup has disrupted the flow. It’s the honesty and accountability demonstrated by both Polyroof and JR Flat Roofing that has kept our relationship resilient. When an issue arises, it isn’t swept under the rug. Instead, it’s met head-on, openly discussed, and a joint effort is made to find the best solution. It’s the ability to confront these hiccups and tackle them together that will hopefully let our relationship grow for a long time to come.

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