The Requirements of the Wave Roof

The project included the waterproofing of over 400 square metres on the main barrel roof and lower penthouse balconies for a highly successful and Roofing Award winning development by Barratt Homes at Explorer Court on Oates Road, Plymouth, Devon. The main roof was designed with a wave effect, with an internal radius of 5672mm. There were two big challenges involved: firstly, the fitting of the insulation panels to suit the profile, and secondly the waterproofing of the structure as future maintenance would not be easy and further work was needed which could damage a waterproof membrane.

The Solution

The Polyroof Warm Roof System was the answer. Cutting and shaping the insulation boards to fit the profile of the roof and mechanically fixing them into place, the roof was insulated to the required U-Value. Two layers of 12mm exterior CPD approved plywood were used to create a secure substrate for the Polyroof 185 waterproofing membrane. The BBA approved system provided the tough, flexible membrane, but more importantly for the design, allowed a totally seamless membrane to be created. The 20 year insurance backed guarantee also gave the specifier the peace of mind they were looking for.

The Requirements of the Balcony Areas

Insulation was an important factor, but this time the toughness of the membrane was the main concern. The designer specified decorative timber decking over the waterproof membrane, which meant that the membrane had to be durable enough to bear the weight from the decking. The other consideration was that the membrane also had to be able to withstand operatives cutting and fixing the deck in-situ without causing any damage to the waterproof surface.

The Solution

The Polyroof 185 System was used due to its hard wearing surface, which allowed the decking to be fitted safely and a variety of other trades could use the area for access without any fear of damaging the membrane. The benefit to using the cold applied liquid roofing system from Polyroof also ensured that the membrane was completely seamless, free from overlaps or joins that could create potential leaks. This was a major advantage for the developer in his quest to get the project finished on time.