This extension was specified to the highest standards and incorporated a modern design whilst blending in with its existing surroundings. The architect enlisted PNW Roofing Ltd, a Polyroof approved contractor, to carry out the roof installation.

Being over a kitchen, the design of the orangery roof had to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Polyroof's 185 system was specified as it provided the client with a seamless and durable waterproofing solution that would look stylish and modern, and could be incorporated with the rest of the building’s design.

A key feature to the design of the roof was a large glass skylight that the architect designed to be level with the surrounding roof, creating a visually striking and modern look to the roof. However this presented a challenge as an upstand to the rooflight was still required to ensure a fully weatherproof detail could be formed.

Working with the architect and Polyroof’s Technical Team, PNW Roofing Ltd came up with the solution: by creating a gully around the rooflight, a 150mm upstand was created to the skylight. The gully incorporated 50mm PIR insulation within a warm roof design, which was demonstrated through condensation risk analysis to be sufficient to prevent a “cold spot” whilst also enabling the target U-Value for the whole flat roof to be achieved.

The roof surface was then made level to the skylight through the addition of decorative paving tiles on support pads.