The Problem

The Grasmere, Forest side Hotel is situated deep in the Lake District and sits upon 42 acres of unspoiled British country side; the hotel was built in 1853 by the Earl of Lonsdale and included a Victorian hunting lodge. The building itself was constructed from local stone and is a grade II listed building; grade II listed buildings are of special interest and warrant extra protection and effort in order to preserve them. The hotel recently changed hands and then underwent a huge renovation originally believed to be worth £4.5 million, the new owner believed it was in his best interests to improve the condition of the hotel roof due to the dilapidated state it was in and turned to Polyroof for the solution.

The Solution

It was decided that the Polyroof warm roof system was the best answer to the problem due to its hardwearing and resilient membrane that is resistant to impacts and foot traffic; the roof would have to withstand a large amount of foot traffic due to the checks and repairs that are made to the old stone that makes up the hotel. The owner may be concerned about the repairs to the walls but would never have to be worried about repairs to the roof due to the 20 year Polyroof 185 Guarantee. W Hughes & Son Ltd contractors were required to ensure that the roof was fitted to the highest quality and was totally seamless for the roof to maintain its BBA durability rating of 30 years.

Installation Photos