The Requirements

The Protec system was used to waterproof the domed green roof areas of this sustainable house development on Grand Designs, Channel 4. With an ambitious vision and a tight budget, Robert and Milla Gaukroger set about transforming an unattractive 1980's house overlooking Lake Windermere into a state-of-the-art sustainable home. In order to blend into the hillside setting, the domed roofs of the house were to be covered with a wildflower meadow mix to provide a green roof construction.

The Solution

The Protec System was chosen as a waterproofing membrane for the roofs as it is ideally suited for green roof applications. Lightweight, flexible and highly durable, the system can easily accommodate structural expansion movements and is tough enough to resist root penetration. The Protec system was applied to over 350m2 of domed roof to provide a long lasting waterproofing membrane.

The Polyroof approved contractor then laid the green roof system over the membrane to complete the roof area. Combined with the timber cladding to the verticals of the building, the finished aesthetics of the development blended seamlessly with the surrounding areas.