St. Martin, Jersey is home to Le Sapin, a single storey beachside home which boasts panoramic views of Gorey Castle and the surrounding Grouville Bay. The architects designing the home created a roof consisting of flat and curved areas that that were to incorporate a green roof system.

The Protec System was chosen as the waterproofing membrane as it is ideally suited for green roof applications. Lightweight, maintainence-free and easily tough enough to resist root penetration without additional protection, the system has also been certified by the BBA to last as long as the roof stands when used in green or inverted roof designs.

With the waterproofing system specified, the next task was to provide a solution for the thermal insualtion. The architect consulted Polyroof Technical Services and found that the Cut-to-Falls Insulation system would be ideal for this project. Combining high-performance insulation and a method for directing roof towards outlets in one innovative solution, Polyroof produced a bespoke cut-to-falls scheme for the project to ensure the U-Value and fall criteria were met.

The full roof system, from the vapour barrier up to the green roof, was installed in rapid time. With a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee and a maintenance-free waterproofing solution that would last as long as the building stands, the client was left with total peace of mind that their home could not be better protected.

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