The Requirements

This attractive new apartment block development on the south coast of England required a thermally efficient roof design that could also incorporate photovoltaic (PV) cells. Due to the strong winds the roof was subjected to, the client required the PV cells to be mechanically fixed into the roof structure. Having worked with Polyroof on various new build developments in the past, a solution was sought that could meet all of the environmental and energy demands whilst also providing durable and fully guaranteed waterproofing.

The Solution

Polyroof's 185 Warm Roof System was specified for the large roof areas. Incorporating high-performance insulation as part of a warm roof design, a plywood deck was installed on top to provide both a substrate for the waterproofing system and a fixing base for the PV cells. During the application of the 185 System, timber battens were installed at the required centres and were fully encapsulated with the membrane, which would later provide blocks into which the stanchions of the PV cells were fixed. By forward planning, the waterproofing system application was completed and ready-made, weatherproof fixing bases were left for the installers of the PV cells.