Protec Evolve Recieves ETA Certificate

Protec Evolve Liquid Roofing System has recently received its European Technical Assessment (ETA) certificate, marking a significant milestone for the product. The ETA certification is a voluntary third-party assessment that provides assurance of the product’s performance and compliance with European regulations and standards.

The Protec Evolve Liquid Roofing System is a high-performance roofing solution that offers excellent weather resistance, durability, and flexibility. Protec Evolve’s unique polyester methacrylate chemistry results in minimal odour during and after installation, making this product an ideal waterproofing system for sensitive areas such as the refurbishment of schools, hospitals, retail units or communal trafficked areas. The Protec Evolve Liquid Roofing System is also an environmentally friendly, low VOC product that does not emit harmful pollutants. Wherever possible, the raw material ingredients that go into Protec Evolve are sourced from sustainable methods. In total, 80% of the formulation involves the use of ingredients that are by-products of large-scale chemical production, contributing to minimising chemical waste.

The ETA certification for the Protec Evolve Liquid Roofing System is a testament to its quality and reliability. The certification process involved rigorous testing and evaluation of the product’s properties, including its mechanical resistance, water tightness, and durability. The certification also validates the product’s compliance with the relevant European standards and regulations.

The Protec Evolve Liquid Roofing System is easy to apply and can be used on a variety of surfaces and its seamless application ensures that there are no joints or seams, reducing the risk of leaks and water ingress.

You can view the ETA certificate here.

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