Polyroof Rejuvenates Iconic Spectrum Building

Polyroof are proud to announce its pivotal role in the extensive refurbishment project of the Spectrum Building in Swindon. Collaborating with roofing contractor Davis Roofing, under the strategic guidance of real estate and asset management firm AEW, and project manager MAPP, this endeavour marks a significant milestone in the building’s revitalisation, which has recently commenced.

Designed by the eminent architect Sir Norman Foster, the Spectrum Building, originally established as a distribution center for Renault, boasts distinctive features including vibrant yellow steel masts and expansive glass walls. The renowned architect, also responsible for iconic structures such as The Gherkin and Wembley Stadium, secured the building’s recognition with the prestigious Financial Times Architecture at Work Award in 1984. Additionally, its on-screen appearance as the lair of the antagonist Max Zorin in the James Bond film “A View to a Kill” further elevated its prominence.

Constructed in 1982 and officially inaugurated in 1983 the Spectrum Building has accommodated various tenants over the years. Its roles have spanned from serving Renault until 2001 to housing TS Tech, a car seat supplier, and Kidz About, a popular children’s play area.

In its current phase, the Spectrum Building is undergoing a comprehensive £4.7 million refurbishment to infuse renewed vitality into its historical framework. The key aspects of this ambitious project encompass a roof refurbishment of approximately 25,000m², meticulous repair and redecoration of the steel frame, and the implementation of modern cladding and utility systems to facilitate multi-occupancy functionality.

Polyroof’s integral contribution to the project lies in the application of the cutting-edge Protec System. The seamless Protec membrane features the optimum combination of flexibility and toughness, making it ideal for roofs of all sizes including situations requiring regular foot traffic. Working in tandem with roofing contractor Davis Roofing, the Protec solution is ideal to seamlessly cover the building’s distinctive curved structure. Protec is a highly versatile, fast curing, fully reinforced cold liquid applied membrane system ideal for a wide range of roofing and waterproofing applications. The Protec RapidCure technology utilises catalyst, accelerators and inhibitors allowing full control over cure times across a wide range of temperatures all year round.

James Westaway, Commericial Director at Polyroof stated: “Securing the contract for a substantial 25,000m² liquid roofing project such as the Spectrum Building is a significant milestone for Polyroof. As we await its completion, this achievement underscores our dedication to pioneering quality liquid roofing solutions that assure enduring protection and durability.”

Watch out on our website in the coming months for case studies and more insight into the refurbishment of this magnificent building.

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