Polyroof Announce EPD (Environmental Product Declarations)

Polyroof are proud to announce the availability of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our Protec and Protec Evolve waterproofing systems.

EPD transparently demonstrate the environmental impact of a product across its lifecycle. They are based on a comprehensive, third party verified, life cycle assessment (LCA) in line with EN 15804, ISO 14025, and other related standards. Product specific EPD are the most accurate, useful, EPD available and Polyroof are one of the first companies in the sector to be able to provide them.

The comprehensive data provided in an EPD enable specifiers, planners, contractors, and clients to make more sustainable choices. For example, Global Warming Potential (GWP) data, which describes the carbon footprint of the product, can be used in Whole Life Carbon Assessments (WLCA) of buildings; an important tool in the fight against climate change and one increasingly required/mandated by clients and planners.

Our EPD can also be utilised to contribute towards BREEAM, in particular in the Mat 01 and Mat 02 materials categories. We’ll be providing more information on how to utilise the EPD in BREEAM in an upcoming blog post.

As a UK based manufacturer of liquid waterproofing systems, Polyroof are always seeking out continuous improvements in regards to sustainability and product performance. Detailed analysis of EPD data will allow us to target carbon intensive raw materials and processes and investigate and implement alternative decarbonised solutions. This is an important step on our Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050 and a key milestone in the challenge to reduce our Scope 3 (value chain) emissions. Check out our sustainability page for more information on our Net Zero roadmap.

Andrew Roberts, Group Sustainability Manager at Polyroof announced, “EPD are a key milestone in our sustainability journey, providing accurate, third-party verified data on key environmental impacts such as the carbon footprint of our products. This data will be hugely useful for our specifiers, contractors, and clients in their fight against climate change; and even more excitedly, will allow us to dig deep into our procurement and manufacturing processes to identify and implement decarbonisation measures that truly make a difference”.

We have exciting plans for EPD in the future, keep an eye on our website and social media for all the latest updates.  

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