Xtraflex System Awarded BBA Certificate

Polyroof, are thrilled to announce that we have received an Agrément Certificate, Number 236749, for its Xtraflex liquid waterproofing system. This BBA Certificate recognises the exceptional quality and performance of the Xtraflex system, which is a liquid-applied, reinforced flexible modified polyester membrane used in waterproofing gutters, flat or pitched roofs, weatherproofing penetrations through roofs and walls, and roof junction details. The Xtraflex System shares the same chemical backbone as the existing tried and tested Protec System and will therefore provide the same long-term durability and performance.

The assessment for the certificate evaluates both product and process factors, including compliance with Building Regulations, technical specifications, assessment criteria and technical investigations, and uses and design considerations. Process factors assessed include compliance with scheme requirements, installation, delivery, handling and storage, production and quality controls, and maintenance and repair.

In addition to these factors, the Agrément Certificate also includes ongoing contractual scheme elements that involve regular assessment of producers to ensure that they continue to meet the required standards for safety, reliability, and quality.

The Xtraflex waterproofing system is a top-performing solution for a range of roofing applications, thanks to its exceptional flexibility, durability, and strength. The system is liquid-applied, which ensures a seamless and watertight finish.

With the awarding of the BBA Agrément Certificate, building owners and contractors can have confidence in the quality and performance of the Xtraflex waterproofing system. The certificate is a testament to the product’s superior performance and suitability for a wide range of roofing applications.

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