Broughton & Yeamans House are high rise apartment blocks in Bristol, Avon, under the management of Bristol City Council. The roof areas, totalling over 3,500m2, had originally been waterproof with asphalt and then later treated with a coating repair. Unfortunately water ingress continued to be a problem with leaking occurring at numerous locations. Not wanting to cause further disruption to the residents and to avoid costly damage to the interior of the buildings, the council contacted Polyroof and a survey of the roof was arranged.

Broughton & Yeamans House

Project Size: 3,500m2
Approved Contractor: J R Flat Roofing
Location: Bristol
Project Type: Refurbishment
Sector: Residential
System Installed: Protec System

The survey by Polyroof’s Technical Services highlighted the extent of the issues within the roof, including identifying water ingress through the many vertical sections present on the roofs, including parapet walls and lift house building. After performing core tests on the roof it was shown that the existing roof build, which contained insulation as part of a warm roof design, was in an suitable condition to be retained and overlaid – avoiding costly disruption for the client and residents.

To make sure the roof could be left in a totally weatherproof condition, it was necessary to treat not only the flat roof sections but the vertical areas too. The client was keen to improve the thermal performance of the buildings by adding additional insulation, but it was imperative that disruption was kept to a minimum – not only would stripping works impact on the buildings’ residents, but hauling waste materials from such a great height would be costly and logistically challenging.

A bespoke specification was drawn up by the Polyroof Technical Team that provided a comprehensive set of recommendations to ensure the apartment blocks were fully protected from the elements.

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