Beckfoot Allerton opened on 19th November 1894, a proud day for the village of Allerton and its people. The school underwent many changes throughout the years surviving and contributing to both war efforts, while continuing to hold their high standards of education. In 1928 the school official became a primary school and later in 1960 a junior and infants’ school further undergoing changes. After a local authority change in 2000 Beckfoot Allerton Primary school was reborn. In the present day the school is much different to when it was opened generations ago and continues to serve as a corner stone of the village and its community.

When issues began to appear with the roofs over the Nursery and Rockets Building it was imperative that a solution was found, Polyroof’s experience of working with schools and the advantages Polyroof system hold made it a clear choice to assisting in finding a solution.

Beckfoot Allerton Primary School & Nursery

Project Size: 250m2
Approved Contractor: Liquid Roofing Ltd
Location: Bradford
Project Type: Refurbishment
Sector: Education
System Installed: Protec System


After conducting a survey of the 250m2 roof, it was determined that the areas of the roof specifically the Nursery roof and Rockets Building roof were in need of refurbishment. Each roof had a slightly different build up, the Nursery roof consisted of built up felt, 18mm fibreboard and metal roof deck and the Rockets Building was built of Asphalt/concrete with aged solar reflective paint. The condition of the roofs however remained consistent, both roofs were aged with reports of issues.

The survey ultimately determined that the roof would benefit from a new high-performance waterproofing system in order to provide long-term protection from any further issues. It was also determined that both roofs would benefit greatly from a thermal upgrade which would provide lower fuel bills and energy consumption while also reducing the risk of condensation.


Taking into consideration all of the requirements of the roof, a bespoke specification was prepared to refurbish the roof. Polyroof’s Protec System, a hybrid polymer liquid system with extremely fast curing and installation times, was the chosen system of use for the project. Due to its fully cold-applied application the works could be carried out during the Primary Schools term times, without having to wait for closure periods between terms.


Once the specification was complete work could officially begin, Liquid Roofing Limited an experienced roofing contractor and Polyroof Approved Contractor was chosen to undertake the work to this project. Firstly, before any work could begin the original waterproofing of the nursery roof was stripped back and removed, the Rockets building was repaired where possible and made good. Once all initial preparation had been completed all surfaces were cleaned down and removed of any debris, or dirt. Once this was complete both roof surfaces would act as a support layer for the new warm roof construction that would be installed. The roofs required a timber hard edge to be fitted around the exposed perimeters, once this was complete the contractor then moved on to the first stage of the warm roof installation. Polyroof 130mm Tissue-Therm Insulation was used in conjunction with insulation adhesive and installed over the vapour control layer which was applied before the insulation, this completed the second stage of the upgrade.

Polyroof’s extra-tough GRP trims were then installed to create neat and robust edge detailing for exposed perimeters before the main Protec system application commenced. All areas requiring priming before main system application were primed and allowed to cure, any joints in the insulation boards were sealed using Taping matt and Protec Resin and allowed to cure. Once this preparation had been completed the main Polyroof Protec System in Chromite Grey was applied in a first coat and allowed to cure, once the cure was completed the final coat was applied. Due its RapidCureTM technology, the Protec can be walked on and over-coated after only 30-60 minute after applications, meaning large roof areas can be made fully waterproofed within a matter of hours.


The project was a great success, being completed in the client target time frame and budget. The completed roof was inspected by the Polyroof Technical Services teams, reporting very high-quality workmanship by Liquid Roofing Ltd. After this inspection was completed the client received Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee which will now give the customer the confidence that this roof will last for decades to come.

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