The Problem

This PVC-framed conservatory with full glazing had been suffering from persistant leaks that were occuring through various points in the roof. Several localised repairs had been tried over the years however these had proven ineffective at stopping the water ingress. After receiving a quote for a like-for-like glazing replacement that was way out of budget, the client contact Polyroof's Technical Services for advice on permanently resolving the leaking issues.

During the conversation, Polyroof's technical advisor mentioned the benefits that a warm roof upgrade could bring - cooler temperatures during the summer and warmer temperatures during winter, meaning the conservatory would be comfortable to use all year round. Happy with the advice received, the client was put in touch with their local Polyroof approved contractor, PNW Roofing Ltd, and works began the following week.

The Solution

After assessing the existing aluminium-reinforced PVC frame, it was determined that the existing construction could remain in place as a support structure for the new roof - with the benefit that the roofing works could be completed in one day and without generating landfill waste. After setting up the scaffolding a plywood spreadsheet was mechanically fixed into the PVC roof frame to provide support for the new warm roof system. Next, timber battens were fitted around the perimeters followed by a vapour control layer.

High performance PIR insulation boards were then laid over the roof, providing the thermal performance required to help stabilise the conservatory's temperatures during cold and hot weather. An 18mm Polyroof approved plywood deck was then fixed through to the PVC frame and Polyroof GRP drip and upstand kerb trims were fitted around the perimeters of the roof. Next, Polyroof Lead Roll Effect trims were fitted at the required centres before applying Polyroof's Protec System in Chromite Grey - creating a seamless, long-lasting waterproofing membrane. To finish off the interior, PNW Roofing Ltd fixed battens and plasterboard to the underside of the PVC frame and the ceiling was plastered the following day.

The finished look of the roof was a marked improvement over the original glazing and the new warmth during the cold January days was most welcome. The client was delighted with the speed, quality and price of the new roof and had this to say about the experience:

"We’ve been having issue with leaking in this conservatory for years and it was time to get it fixed. A quote for new glazing was several thousand pounds - way out of budget! I phoned Polyroof to discuss whether there was anything they could do for me within my price range and, after a useful discussion, I was put in touch with PNW Roofing Ltd.

They completed the whole job within one day and they kept the site perfectly clean and tidy. I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the finished roof – it looks superb!

I couldn’t be any happier, and the peace of mind that the roof is guaranteed for 20 years is brilliant.”

Mrs Bennett, Home Owner