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St Stephens Church of England Primary School Gutter and Parapet Wall Capping Refurbishment

A friendly and welcoming school based in Blackburn in the North West of England, St Stephens Church of England Primary School is a place where pupils can develop their skills in a school that is proud of its Christian values and high standards of teaching. The school has been praised for its philosophy of continuous improvement by a recent ofsted inspection, providing a nurturing environment for children. Continuing the high level of teaching facilities is paramount for the school and after discovering that the gutters and parapets of building were aged and leaking, it was vital that a solution was found before this could cause issues.

Project Details

  • Project Size: 300m2
  • Approved Contractor: KSD Group
  • Location: Blackburn, England
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Sector: Education
  • System Installed: Protec Xtraflex Waterproofing

The Challenge

In coordination with Polyroof Products Ltd a survey was scheduled to take place at the site to determine the exact nature of the issues and formulate a solution. Upon inspection it was discovered that the existing waterproofing consisted of a single-ply membrane which had become aged with various leaks being reported and localised repairs carried out with not much effect. The underlying build-up consisted of a galvanised steel metal deck and had been coated in plasticol. Once the survey was complete it was clear that the gutters and capping’s would benefit from a high-performance waterproofing system installation, this would protect from further leaks occurring.

The Polyroof Solution

The System of choice for this project would be one of Polyroof’s newest systems Protec Xtraflex. Protec Xtraflex is a highly flexible version of the Protec system and is designed for coating gutters. It’s fast curing technology and imperviousness to standing water fulfil the rapid solution needed to offer durable waterproofing performance for this project.

Taking into consideration the information obtained from the survey a bespoke Polyroof specification was created to combat at of the issues discovered. The chosen Polyroof Approved contractor to carry out the work on this project would be the KSD Group, a contractor with a wealth of experience in the roofing and construction sector. Once all these aspects were in place work could officially begin, firstly it was highlighted that falls and drainage were already present so the Polyroof specification would make use of the existing falls combining this with the chosen waterproofing system. During this project there was no need to strip back any of the existing waterproofing, this was made good where required allowing a smooth substrate for the new system to be bonded to. Once this stage was complete, the area was cleaned and prepared for the new system by removing any dirt and debris.

The Protec Xtraflex system was now ready for installation, firstly all surfaces that required it were primed, this included the single ply existing waterproofing which required a Polyroof SP Primer 202. During this installation all jap joints and bolt heads were applied with Polyroof Butyl Tape and Polyroof Butyl Lap Tape, reinforcing these points before application. Pre-formed high quality Polyroof drip Trims were installed to the outer of edge of the metal capping, new flashings were also installed to cover the exposed insulation at this detail.

The first coat of Polyroof Protec Xtraflex was applied to the substrate, this consisted of Xtraflex resin and Polymat 450 and allowed to cure. Due to the rapid cure technology of the system this would only take 30 – 60 minutes allowing for quick installation. Once complete the second coat of Protec Xtraflex Resin was installed and allowed to cure.


The project was efficiently managed by both the contractor KDS Group and regular Polyroof Technical Services visits to ensure that each aspect of the project from start to finish was carried out within the client’s specification, time frame and budget. The project was a great success showing the high-quality work from KSD Group. The customer can now be confident that this new Polyroof Protec Xtraflex membrane will last for many decades to come.