The Problem

Vodafone's Brunel House in Newark is a large building which is home to a large number of call centre employees as well as a shop. Recently the old felt coverings had begun to display defects including splits, blisters and delamination; through which water ingress was occurring. The management responsible for the maintenance of the buildings decided to act quickly and find a permanent solution to the leaking that could be installed without causing disruption to the employees working on site.

Following initial discussions with the client to determine their exact requirements, Polyroof Technical Services carried out a detailed survey of the roof areas to ensure that all the existing issues were identified. Due to the complex nature of the roof Polyroof's Protec system was put forward as the ideal solution.

The Solution

Polyroof's Protec system was decided upon as the best option due to the numerous details that would have to be encapsulated on the roof area. Protec was cold applied to the existing substrate causing no disruption to the Vodafone staff; other systems that cannot be cold applied may have required the site to be evacuated for the duration of the works. There is no liquid system that can be applied faster or more effectively than Protec, its unique RapidCure technology sees it turn from a liquid to a robust and flexible membrane that can be walked on after 30-60 minutes following application. Furthermore, its ability to coat an old roof without the need for stripping means that installations can be carried out within stringent time frames and with minimum disruption. The client was delighted with the finished roof and will have guaranteed peace of mind for decades to come.