COVID-19 Update – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you plan to remain open?
We believe that the health and welfare of our nation should be the number one priority above all. We also believe that our industry has a key part to play in supporting the fight against COVID-19. It is for these reasons we will continue to manufacture (subject to government guidance) and support our customers whilst taking the upmost care to protect our workforce and the wider public.

How are you contributing to the fight against COVID-19?

We are directly contributing to the repair of hospitals, care homes, supermarkets and other key buildings. We believe we have a duty of care to continue to supply products for use in essential works. We are also manufacturing hand sanitiser which are donating to our employees and customers, alongside essential organisations in our local community.

How are you protecting your employees?

We are maintaining a skeleton workforce with no external visitors and have implemented a two shift system with a thorough clean down in between. We are ensuring all employees strictly follow government guidance and maintain high standards of hand hygiene.

How readily available are each of our materials? And if not it’s not in stock, what is the lead time?

All our stock levels are comfortably within our target quantities. There are no changes to lead times as this time. To help our forecasting we always prefer you to place orders in advance.

Do you forecast the manufacturers lead time to grow in the coming economic changes?

Our supply of raw materials has so far been unaffected and we are able to manufacture products at our usual capacity. We have implemented serious and decisive changes to operations at our head office, including splitting each department into two segregated shifts to eliminate the risk of a department-wide outbreak. This means that we are continuing to service our customers without disruption. Our in-house logistics team is fully operational and so are our carrier partners. It is for these reasons that we have no cause for concern in relation to lead times growing in the foreseeable future.

How quickly will you be able to get materials to our yard? Are you experiencing or do you anticipate any transport issues?
We are continuing to deliver within our standard 3-5 day lead times. We have not yet experienced any transport issues that have affected our logistical capacity.

Capacity of stock – will the current/coming situation present challenges in the amount of material you’re able to obtain for us or transport to our yard?

We are confident that our ability to quickly and decisively make important changes to safeguard our operations will mean that we will be able to continue producing and delivering materials to your yard to our usual capacity.

Do you foresee any manufacturing or delivery issues for your suppliers/have you been warned of any?

Quite the opposite – we have been buoyed by the positive dialogue we have had with our raw material suppliers. This includes several suppliers located countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak, such as Italy, that have been extremely positive about the situation and their ability to conduct business as usual. We have not yet been warned of any potential supply issues.

Will the coming economic circumstances present any change in credit limitations on our account with the Roberts Group?

We pride ourselves on our financial stability and strong balance sheet and have proven ourselves to be robust in the face of economic downturns. It is for these reasons that we have been able to continue transactions with our customers within standard terms during times of uncertainty, and we do not anticipate the need to reduce credit limits or take other measures that could negatively impact our ability to trade. All that we ask at this stage is that customers adhere to our payment terms to enable a continual flow of all orders without disruption