The BBA approved Protec PeMA is the only low odour, fast curing and hardwearing cold applied liquid system that is ideal for waterproofing roofs, balconies and walkways. Its unique polyester methacrylate chemistry results in minimal odour during and after installation, making this product an ideal waterproofing system for sensitive areas such as the refurbishment of schools, hospitals, retail units or communal trafficked areas. Protec PeMA shares the same chemical backbone as the existing tried and tested Protec System and will therefore provide the same long term durability delivered without the distinctive odour associated with existing polyester, polyurethane and MMA systems.

Low Odour, Flexible, Hardwearing & Fast Curing Polyester Methacrylate Waterproofing System


  • Refurbishments: Can be applied directly to a wide range of existing roof coverings including felt, asphalt, PVC single-ply, concrete and GRP.
  • New Build: Can be applied directly to approved insulation boards, concrete / screed or Polyroof SA Carrier Layer.
  • Roof Designs: Ideal for use as part of a warm, cold, green or inverted roof design.
  • Balconies & Walkways: Available with a range of heavy duty anti-slip finishes for trafficked areas.

Protec PeMA Demo Roadshows

Polyroof are inviting roofing contractors and specifiers alike to a hands-on demonstration of the Protec PeMA system. Held at a location of your choice, the demos show Protec PeMA being applied to a variety of details such as pipes, outlets and upstands. We’ll be happy pass you the roller so you can get a feel of the system yourself. Best flat roofing system on the market? Book a demo today and make up your own mind.

Book a Protec PeMA demonstration


  • A unique low odour formulation ideal for sensitive applications.
  • Flexible polyester methacrylate hybrid polymer technology with the optimum combination of flexibility and robustness.
  • RapidCureTM technology for extremely fast application with cure times as low as 30mins.
  • Ability to be applied direct to existing roof coverings allows for economical refurbishments with minimum disruption.
  • The Protec PeMA Warm Roof System is unrivalled in terms of efficiency and performance with no need for over-decking, carrier layers or mechanical fixings.
  • Carries Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee
  • Fire performance: Classified as BROOF(t4), the top rating achievable for a flat roof system and designating Protec PeMA as unrestricted under the National Requirements.
  • BBA Approved with a proven lifespan of at least 30 years.
  • Available in Light GreyProtec PeMA Standard Colours

BBA Certificate (09/4676)




Concrete Deck Waterproofing






Warm Roof with SA Carrier Layer


Warm Roof with RES Insulation


Protec PeMA Technical Datasheet (version 1.04)

This document provides technical data for the Protec PeMA System including:

  • System build-up
  • Specification guidance
  • Surface preparations
  • Restrictions of use
  • Priming and catalysing
  • Application and coverage rates
  • Packaging and storage