The BBA and FM approved Protec system, which is also CE Marked and has an ETA, is our most popular and versatile roofing system. With a proven life expectancy of over 25 years and ideal for all flat roof types, size and designs, Protec is able to offer unrivaled performance and speed of application. Protec’s liquid roof membrane has a unique flexible hybrid polymer formulation and can be applied to virtually all common roof surfaces. Where new insulation is required, Protec can be applied directly to approved insulation boards as part of a simple but effective warm roof design. 

Highly Versatile & Long-Lasting Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing System


  • Refurbishments: Can be applied directly to a wide range of existing roof coverings including felt, asphalt, PVC single-ply, concrete and GRP.
  • New Build: Can be applied directly to approved insulation boards, plywood or OSB3 boards.
  • Roof Designs: Ideal for use as part of a warm, cold, green or inverted roof design.
  • Balconies & Walkways: Available with a range of anti-slip finishes for trafficked areas.

Protec Demo Roadshows

Polyroof are inviting roofing contractors and specifiers alike to a hands-on demonstration of the Protec system. Held at a location of your choice, the demos show Protec being applied to a variety of details such as pipes, outlets and upstands. We’ll be happy pass you the roller so you can get a feel of the system yourself. Best flat roofing system on the market? Book a demo today and make up your own mind.

Book a Protec demonstration


  • A unique flexible hybrid polymer waterproofing system with the optimum combination of flexibility and robustness.
  • RapidCure technology for extremely fast application with cure times as low as 30mins.
  • Ability to be applied direct to existing roof coverings allows for economical refurbishments with minimum disruption.
  • The Protec Warm Roof System is unrivalled in terms of efficiency and performance with no need for over-decking, carrier layers or mechanical fixings.
  • Carries Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee
  • Fire performance: Classified as BROOF(t4), the top rating achievable for a flat roof system and designating Protec as unrestricted under the national Requirements (see Section 7 of BBA Certificate 09/4676).
  • BBA and FM approved, CE Marked and has achieved ETA Certification with a proven lifespan of at least 25 years.
  • Standard colours are Chromite Grey and Light Grey (see our Colours & Finishes page for more options and further details) Protec Standard Colours
Protec System Brochure

Certificate (09/4676)

FM Approval Certificate

ETA Certificate (ETA-15-0142i1)

Declaration of Performance


Warm Roof Design Outline Specifications

Waterproofing Only / Overlay Outline Specifications

Typical NBS Specifications

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Why Should You Use Liquid Roofing?

Liquid roofing is the fastest growing sector of the flat roofing market, where the versatility and durability of the systems make for an effective waterproofing solution. Whether for refurbishment or new build projects, there are systems and products available that can be used in all areas of roofing, walkways and balconies and structural waterproofing.

A variety of chemistries are available, most of which are supplied by Polyroof, and some liquids are more suited to particular applications than others. If you’re not sure which liquid is best for your project, we recommend using our Solution Finder Tool.

The latest advances in the field have resulted in a flexible hybrid polymer waterproofing system that offers an optimum combination of flexibility and robustness, making for an extremely versatile solution.

What Are The Benefits of Liquid Roofing Systems?

  1. Seamless membrane – All liquid applied roofing systems form a homogenous membrane with no lap joints, no welds, and no weak points

  1. Safe installation – Most liquids are cold-applied, meaning there are no hot-works or risk of accidental fire during their installation and making them a natural choice for schools, hospitals and other buildings that are occupied during works.

  1. Ideal for new build or refurbishment – With their ability to coat a wide range of surfaces – both new and old – liquids are a strong choice for rejuvenating an existing roof or protecting a new one for decades to come

  1. Easy and effective to seal complex detailing – Liquid roofing systems, by the very nature of their application, are extremely effective at sealing complex details, which are often the cause of post-installation problems.

  1. Durable and long-lasting weathering protection – A quality liquid system will have BBA or ETA certified lifespans in excess of 25 years.

What Are The Limitations of Liquid Roofing Systems?

As an in-situ applied product, care must be taken to ensure the correct amount of material is laid and that the membrane is evenly applied. Using trained and monitored installers who are part of an ISO 9001 managed Approved Contractor Scheme helps ensure that the installation will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

There are a wide variety of liquids on the market, ranging from the tried-and-tested to the brand new, from the very cheap to the very expensive! And when every manufacturer tells you their liquid “is the best” it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Always make sure you research the track-record of the manufacturer and look for products that have the appropriate third-party approvals, have been fire tested and are supported by insurance-backed guarantees that cover materials and labour as standard.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a liquid system for your project, call our technical helpline on 0800 801 890 or email

How Do I Choose The Right Liquid Roofing System for My Project?

  1. Performance requirements – Consider the performance requirements of the liquid system. Will be there a lot of structural expansion/contraction movements, requiring a flexible solution? Will the area be subject to heavy foot traffic or balcony usage, requiring a tough, hardwearing finish? Involving a manufacturer at the earliest stage will ensure that the most appropriate solution is recommended for the project.

  1. Lifespan requirements – Make sure that the waterproofing system’s lifespan and guarantee duration are appropriate for roof’s lifespan’s requirement. Remember – your roof is better protected by a 20 Year insurance-backed labour and materials guarantee than it is by a 50 Year materials guarantee!

  1. Budget requirements –Liquid systems can often be value-engineered to offer a maximum performance within the constraints of a budget. By properly investigating a roof and discussing its requirements with the client, a set of recommendations should be put forward that can meet the challenges of a project in the most efficient manner. Roof Surveys and Project Specifications are provided free-of-charge by Polyroof Technical Services.

  1. Insulation requirements – A roof isn’t all about the waterproofing – the thermal performance is crucial. Liquid roofing systems should be fully compatible with insulation; many of the latest systems can even be applied directly to approved insulation boards for an efficient and cost-effective solution. Thermal Calculations and Tapered Insulation Schemes are available from Polyroof free-of-charge.

If you’d like to learn more about the specifications of Liquid Roofing or discuss any projects you may be planning, feel free to get in touch today. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Protec Warm Roof System

    • Involves the direct application of the Protec system to high-performance Polyroof RES Insulation (T&G) boards
    • No need for carrier layers or over-decking to keep costs, installation times, height and weight to a minimum
    • Tongue & Groove board joints allow for a smooth and even surface finish
    • Fully adhered using approved PU adhesive forming a strong, permanent bond (mechanical fixing options available)
    • Can be bonded to existing roof coverings for disruption-free thermal upgrades

Protec Warm Roof Balcony System

    • Features a 3.2mm high-strength, non-compressible, puncture-resistant facing board bonded to Polyroof RES Insulation (T&G)
    • With no over-boarding required, target U-Values can be achieved whilst minimising the height of the balcony, allowing for greater design flexibility in terms of upstand thresholds
    • Fully adhered using approved PU adhesive forming a strong, permanent bond (mechanical fixing options available)
    • Can be bonded to existing roof coverings for disruption-free thermal upgrades

Protec Cut-to-Falls Insulation System

    • Innovative bonded two-layer system featuring a cost-effective tapered base insulation layer and Polyroof RES Insulation (T&G) top layer
      • One solution for two challenges: directing standing water away from roof and providing required insulation performance
          • Available in standard or balcony versions

Forming a Warm Roof with a Carrier Layer

    • If the project does not involves Polyroof RES Insulation then a suitable carrier layer, such as felt, or over-decking with Polyroof approved OSB3 or plywood will be required
    • Compatible with all suitable PIR/PUR flat roof insulation boards and vapour barriers
    • Available in standard or balcony versions

Protec Acoustic Warm Roof System

    • An effective way to reduce interior noise and fuel bills with one simple solution
    • Extra sound reduction achieved through the use of metal deck trough infills and an acoustic mat layer
    • Thermal insulation consists of the standard Protec Warm Roof System
    • Ideal for any situation where minimsing sound is of benefit and complies with BB93 standards for educational buildings

Protec Warm Roof Installation Video

The best solutions are often the most simple. With the Protec Warm Roof System there’s no mechanical fixings, no carrier membranes and no over-board decks required. By doing away with surplus components the height, weight, installation times and costs are all kept to an absolute minimum. The system is available in standard, balcony and cut-to-falls versions and is suitable for all thermal performance and design requirements.

Polyroof GRP Drip Trim

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Polyroof GRP Upstand Edge Trim

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Mansard Edge (New Trim)

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Aluminium Trim Overlay

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)


Welted Drip Overlay

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Wall Abutment (Chase)

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Wall Abutment (Flashing)

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)

Door Opening Detail

Download (PDF) Download (DWG)


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We currently have two BIM models available – the Protec Warm Roof System and the Protec Balcony Warm Roof System. If you require a BIM Object for an alternative Polyroof system please contact our Technical Team on 0800 801 890 or email
The BIM files below have been created in platform-neutral IFC format and Autodesk Revit. All NBS National BIM Library objects use the standard property set definitions specified by NBS to create a standard for BIM objects across the construction industry.

Protec System Video

This video shows an application to an existing failed single-ply roof, highlighting the speed of a Protec system application and its ability to create fully seamless details.

Protec Warm Roof Installation Video

The best solutions are often the most simple. With the Protec Warm Roof System there’s no mechanical fixings, no carrier membranes and no over-board decks required. By doing away with surplus components the height, weight, installation times and costs are all kept to an absolute minimum. The system is available in standard, balcony and cut-to-falls versions and is suitable for all thermal performance and design requirements.

New Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh

As described by Eastleigh Borough Council, the £25 million facility underpins the council’s commitment to promoting a healthy borough. It incorporates a high quality design in keeping with the parkland environment and has high environmental standards. Now nearing completion, this case study will look at the challenges and solutions of this vast project that involved insulating and waterproofing over 8,500m2 of flat roof areas… [Read More]

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd – Gaydon HQ Roof Refurbishment

When their existing roof began to show signs of leaks the client elected to use Polyroof’s advanced liquid roofing systems as the optimum solution for the job. As a comapny passionate about UK manufacturing, Aston Martin’s choice to work with Polyroof – the only independent UK manufacturer of cold-applied liquid systems – was a natural one…. [Read More]


Trinity Buoy Wharf, London Docklands

Container City is an outstanding example of upcycling architecture in the London Docklands. The buildings are constructed from old shipping containers that have been refurbished and then fixed and welded togther, creating an innovative modular building solution that houses a offices. The roofs had been waterproofed with an EPDM membrane as part of an inverted roof design, however due to failings within the roof coverings leaks were now occuring…
[Read More]


Large Shopping Centre, Newcastle

The Protec system has waterproofed vast areas of the roof of one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, which were in need of refurbishment as they had been persistently leaking for some time. A quick and effective waterproofing solution was needed that would allow the day-to-day running of the shopping centre to continue without any disruption for the customers, which could prove extremely costly… [Read more]


Gateway Project, Durham University

This project entailed a major expansion of Durham University and houses a variety of departments. The project was carried out to a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Standard and as such only used components that had minimal environmental impact. Part of the works involved the construction of three curved roof areas that required a high-performance and durable waterproofing system which was to be covered by a timber shingle system. The shingles were supported by over 1,170 steel stanchions – all of which were seamlessly waterproofed with the Protec system… [Read More]


Grand Designs: Green Roof Project, Windermere

The Protec system was used to waterproof the domed green roof areas of this sustainable house development on Channel 4’s Grand Designs show. With an ambitious vision and a tight budget, Robert and Milla Gaukroger set about transforming an unattractive 1980’s house overlooking Lake Windermere into a state-of-the-art sustainable home. In order to blend into the hillside setting, the domed roofs of the house were to be covered with a wildflower meadow mix to provide a green roof construction… [Read More]


Monkwearmouth & Ryhope Hospital Developments

These new hospitals were constructed as part of the £60million Pride developments were built under the Trust’s NHS Procure21 Partnership, with several thousand square metres of roof areas requiring a long-lasting waterproofing system with high-performance insulation. Laing O’Rourke, the main contractors of this project, specified the Protec system for the flat roof areas. The ability of Protec to be installed quickly and efficiently minimised the time required for roof installations, meaning other trades could continue working as soon as possible… [Read More]

Liquid Roofing Gateway Project