Simulated Metal Finish Refurbishment

Our range of BBA-approved, cold liquid applied systems can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and the price.

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Simulated Metal Finishes The Popular Alternative

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Un-Simulated Benefits

The high cost of metals in general has resulted in a marked increase in the thefts of lead, copper and zinc. Flashings from old and new buildings are being stolen and the lead roofs of churches, schools and other public and historic buildings are often stripped for their resale value. Polyroof systems are the solution. At Polyroof, we can help you with both refurbishment and new build applicators. Covering all aspects of roofing applications such as flat roofs, green roofs as well as balconies, terraces and walkways.

  • BBA Approved
  • Replicates metal at a fraction of the weight 
  • Replicates metal at a fraction of the cost
  • Not prone to vandalism (no scrap value)
  • Seamless, tough, maintenance free

How is the Finish Achieved?

Polyroof’s simulated metal finishes are achieved through the installation of Polyroof pre-formed GRP trims which are fixed to the deck/substrate prior to the application of the Polyroof waterproofing membrane. The trims come in two varieties – lead roll effect and standing seam (for zinc and copper reproductions). Upon completion, the finish is totally seamless without any of the weak points associated with the joints of metal roofs.

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<br>Versatile Liquid Roofing Solutions

Versatile Liquid Roofing Solutions

Our liquid roofing systems offer BBA and FM approved products that are extremely versatile. Contact our team who will tailor a simulated metal finish to your existing roof.

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