The Problem

The Hedge End Depot in Hampshire housed offices for the local authority. The existing asbestos sheeted roof has deteriorated over time and many of the fixings had become unsecure. In addition to the roof leaking, GRP rooflights and a metal gutter were also points of water ingress. Various repairs had been carried out with limited success, and the client now required a rapid and long term solution was now needed to prevent further disruption to the offices.

The Solution

The Roofcoat Plus system, in conjunction with the Elastex and Transglaze systems, was used to provide a durable and seamless waterproofing membrane for the whole roof area. The bolts of the main roof were re-fixed and then the Roofcoat Plus, a flexible polyurethane / acrylic hybrid, was used to overcoat the asbestos sheets. The leaking GRP rooflights were then rejuvenated with the Transglaze system and the metal gutters were waterproofed with the Elastex system. The client was provided with was a cost effective, seamless and long lasting waterproofing solution for the whole roof area that was guaranteed for 10 years.