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Our expert team provide full support at all levels of the project lifecycle in order to help specifiers deliver successful, cost efficient projects.

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We understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities during a construction or refurbishment project. 

This is why we strive to take on board as many of the challenges and issues associated with the flat roof that we can, freeing up our clients’ time so they can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

Book Your Consultation

New build or refurbishment, put your project in our hands and get expert advice from our team.

Bespoke Project Design

After the consultation, the team will design a specification bespoke to your project.

Project Approval

Use our network of approved contractors who have the experience and expertise to realise your project.

On Site Support

Our team are on hand to offer continuous on site support to keep your project running smoothly.

Final Inspection

Upon completion we offer a full on site installation inspection to sign off your Polyroof system guarantee.

Dedicated Aftercare

It does not end there. Your roof will be supported by the Polyroof team throughout its full lifecycle.

New build or refurbishment, almost any of Polyroof’s versatile waterproofing systems can be used. From the survey/technical drawing stage the Polyroof team of experts will lead you through the process. 

We worry about your project so you don’t have to.

Our technical support service is utilised by leading specifiers, architects, developers and local authorities across the UK. Our team work closely with clients from project conception to ensure all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards our clients expect. 

Getting Your Specification Right

Our technical support service is valued by leading specifiers, architects, developers and local authorities across the UK. We have the expertise and resources to provide all specifiers of Polyroof with technical advice and design guidance at every stage of every project.

From our experience, working closely together from conception of a project is the best way to ensure that all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards that our clients expect.

As part of our service we have compiled a selection of useful tools and information to help get you started on your Polyroof journey.

Why Choose a Cold-Applied Liquid Roofing System?

No matter the size, shape or complexity of a roof, Polyroof’s liquid systems will form a seamless waterproof membrane across the entire roof area. The finished surface is tough, flexible and impervious to water.

With proven lifespans in excess of 25 years, Polyroof systems are the number one choice for all flat roof and balcony applications.



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