Common issues associated with flat roofs such as persistent leaks, lap joint failures, long installation times and risks from hot works are simply not an issue when using quality liquid systems. Now the fastest growing sector in the flat roofing market, liquids are increasingly being specified in place of traditional roll-applied systems like felt and single-ply.

As a market leader in the manufacturing of liquid roofing systems, Polyroof’s free RIBA certified CPD Seminars are the ideal solution to stay in touch with the latest technology and advances in the field whilst improving your knowledge and confidence as a specifier.

Polyroof offer a choice of two CPD seminars so you can select the option that is most relevant to you:

  • Roofing Risk Management: A Considered Approach to Solving Flat Roof Issues - Highly relevant for any specifier or stakeholder involved in the refurbishment or management of flat roofs.
  • Flat Roofs: A Guide to Liquid Roofing Systems - Tailored for specifiers looking for an introduction to the liquid roofing market or those operating within the new build / development sectors.

Roofing Risk Management: A Considered Approach to Solving Flat Roof Issues

Delegates will learn how to assess the true lifespan cost of a flat roofing system, where responsibilities for long-term maintenance should lie, ensuring your Duty of Care during works and the benefits of working closely with a manufacturer.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • A greater understanding of the causes of flat roof defects, the ability to identify problems, challenges and the potentials for future issues
  • An understanding of the factors to consider to enable a true-cost calculation of a flat roofing system including a cost per annum
  • The ability to assess the individual needs of each flat roofing projects to determine the most appropriate flat roofing solution
  • The confidence to fully engage a manufacturer to make the most out of their services and to enable you to appropriately share responsibility and liability for a flat roofing project


Flat Roofs: A Guide to Liquid Roofing Systems

Content includes an introduction to the most common types of liquid applied systems while comparing their individual characteristics and performance, flat roof design best practice, regulations, environmental performance and sustainable roof designs.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of liquid systems and what differentiates them from each other
  • Informed knowledge in order to choose the correct system for the application
  • Ability to design flat roofs to ensure compatibility with liquid systems
  • An understanding of the relevant regulations that affect liquid applied systems


Practical Demonstrations

If your offices have an outdoor space then we encourage incorporating a live practical demonstration into the seminar. See for yourself the capabilities of the latest liquid roofing technology. Various roof details, such as pipes, outlets and plinths are seamlessly encapsulated in a matter of minutes. The full system can be installed in two 5 to 10 minute sessions and helps the audience to understand the practical aspects of flat roofing better than any presentation could.

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What People Say about Polyroof's CPD Seminar & Demo

"Well presented and informative - the system in the demo seems ideal for complicated roofs with awkward detailing. A great session!"

Andy Thomas, Hyndburn Borough Council

"The practical demonstration was brilliant and the seminar has improved my understanding of flat roof design"

Darren Kemp, Proman Consultancy

"As a recent graduate, a physical demonstration was a much more effective way of seeing how the process was done rather than looking at 2D details and displayed how quick and easy installation."

Coombes Everitt Architects

"The seminar was interesting, informative and just long enough. Well presented by friendly people."

Emma Lan, Gleeds

"The demonstration was really excellent and added another dimension to the CPD. Great to see a practical application carried out in front of us and by a very enthusiastic and informed technician."

Tim Harrison, BHD Partnership