The Settle Station Water Tower was constructed in 1876 and is now a Grade II listed building and the only remaining water tower on the Settle – Carlisle line. The water tank at Settle was capable of holding a massive 43,000 gallons of water which is the equivalent to roughly 150 tonnes; the station was used to replenish the water stores of steam locomotives travelling north and southbound on the world famous line.

In 2011 restoration work began on the historic building, converting it into a residential property which was documented by the Channel 4 programme The Restoration Man. The most difficult part of the renovation was when a whole pre-fabricated roof room had to be lifted by crane into position onto the roof of the existing building. Unfortunately the roof of this building, which was had been covered with a non-BBA approved GRP system, soon failed and leaking had been a persistent problem for the client.

Having used Polyroof to waterproof the annex part of the building in 2010, the proprietors were aware of the quality of the systems and in the words of the Settle Station Water Tower blog ‘to the rescue came Polyroof’. To quickly stop the leaky roof, Protec was applied directly onto the failing GRP roof surface, which allowed for a quick refurbishment of the roof and minimum disruption to the proprietors. With proven durability ratings of over 25 years and supported by Polyroof's trusted Accredited System Guarantee, the client had total peace of mind that the roof will be protected for decades to come.

The client, Mr Mark Rand, was delighted with our work and had the following to say about us:

"Our annex at the rear of the tower and the roof room on the top of it are in-your-face modern in appearance, in accordance with today's planning fashion. If you are adding an extension to a Listed Building it must be in total contrast so that nobody mistakes it as part of the original.

Even so the finishes needed to match the quality of what the Midland Railway had done so stylishly in 1876. Stuart Green our architect specialises in commercial buildings - airport buildings in particular. Indeed, we refer to our annex as 'Settle International'!

Both have flat roofs which needed to be functional and elegant. After much research we chose Polyroof and have been delighted with them. Not only do they look good they are designed to channel the run-off rainwater into our rainwater harvesting system which never runs dry, thanks to Polyroof - and the Yorkshire weather."