The Problem

The Protec system has waterproofed vast areas of the roof of one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, which were in need of refurbishment as they had been persistently leaking for some time. A quick and effective waterproofing solution was needed that would allow the day-to-day running of the shopping centre to continue without any disruption for the customers, which could prove extremely costly. It was also imperative that the system to be used carried a reputable guarantee and the highest accreditations available.

The Solution

The specifier was tasked with finding a waterproof system that would satisfy the stringent criteria and turned to Polyroof Products Ltd for a solution. Following discussions and a series of site surveys from Polyroof Technical Services, the Protec system was chosen for the works.

With BBA approval and a manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years, the Protec system was the ideal solution for the client’s needs. Applied quickly and seamlessly across the roof areas to provide a tough, flexible and durable waterproof membrane, no disruption was caused to the running of the shopping centre. Being cold applied meant there was none of the safety risks associated with the open flames and hot torches used with traditional roll-applied systems. As the Protec system is applied in liquid form the various details and protrusions on the roof were able to be completely sealed and left in a fully weatherproof condition.