The Problem

The property management company that took control of Headlands School in Bridlington inherited a leaking single ply roof over the sports hall. The roof consists of composite panels that included insulation to building regulation standards, however, the existing single ply waterproof membrane had failed and as a result,water ingress had been a problem that caused disruption for the school.

Requiring a cost effective and long term waterproofing system, the client turned to Polyroof Products Ltd for to provide the solution.

The Solution

The BBA-approved Protec system provided the ideal solution. As no stripping was required the single-ply membrane was retained and coated directly, allowing the school to carry on as normal whilst the works were taking place. Where once the roof had thousands of linear metres of single-ply lap joints single-ply, the sports hall was now protected by a seamless and joint-free membrane that totally eliminated this potential weakness for water ingress. The client was most pleased with the works and has now specified Polyroof waterproofing system for other projects.