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Seamless protection for a sustainable world, explore the benefits of liquid roofing system for your green roof project.

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The No1. Choice for Waterproofing Green Roof Systems

With many environmental and practical benefits, green roof systems are becoming more and more popular. Polyroof’s liquid roofing membranes are seamless, maintenance-free, light-weight and exceptionally long-lasting. This makes our systems the ideal green roof base. Whether you need a full green roof system designed or simply just the roofing elements, the Polyroof team of experts can tailor a green roof solution to your exact requirements.

We understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities project. Book in a non obligatory consultation with our team to guide you through every step of your green roof project. 

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What Kind of Green Roof?

Green roofs systems  can reduce energy costs by creating natural insulation, they create peaceful retreats and recreational areas, they provide natural habitats for wildlife, and they absorb storm water thereby reducing run-off into overworked sewer systems.

On a wider scale, in city environments, green roofs improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and by helping to reduce the urban heat island effect. City and suburban developments absorb and trap heat whereas evaporation from a green roof has been shown to cool surrounding air temperatures. A green roof must, like any roof, protect the building from the elements via a high quality, totally dependable waterproof membrane. 

Polyroof’s cold liquid-applied seamless membranes are ideal waterproofing solutions for use in green roof systems because they are flexible enough to easily accommodate structural movement as well as being lightweight and extremely durable. When used in a green roof system the durability of Polyroof membranes are even further extended since there is no UV penetration.

Extensive Green Roof System

Extensive Green Roof System

Typical features:
  • Most popular type of Green Roof
  • Typically finished with Sedum, Wild and Meadow Flowers
  • Low growing / Minimal maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Shallow substrates
  • Ability to create Biodiverse environments
  • Variants include non-planted “brown roofs”
  • Not typically designed for public access
  • Intensive Green Roof System

    Intensive Green Roof System

    Typical features:
  • Used primarily as recreational space
  • Typically finished as a lawn, and can incorporate larger plants and shrubs
  • Higher Maintenance required
  • Heavyweight
  • Deep Substrates required
  • Often includes hard landscaping such as walkways, seating and planters
  • For limited or regular public access
  • What is a Blue Roof System?

    In addition to green roofs, blue roof system can be incorporated into the green roof design. Blue roof systems provide rainwater attenuation by collecting and controlling the discharge of rainwater from the roof contributing to Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) requirements. In many cases Blue roofs are incorporated in conjunction with an Extensive or Intensive Green Roof design. Blue roofs are increasingly popular choice in inner city and urban environments.

    Why Choose a Liquid Roofing System for Your Green Roof?

    No matter the size, shape or complexity of a roof, Polyroof’s liquid systems will form a seamless waterproof membrane across the entire roof area. The finished surface is tough, flexible and impervious to water. This makes a liquid system the ideal green roof base.

    With proven lifespans in excess of 25 years, Polyroof’s liquid roofing systems are the number one choice for all green roof applications.

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