Synonymous with premium performance and ideal for small to medium sized projects requiring an extra tough, durable and highly impact-resistant finish.

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The Next Generation of GRP Roofing

The 185 GRP system is an exceptionally tough and hard-wearing fibreglass membrane that has been delivering unrivalled waterproof performance for over 40 years. Compared to other fibreglass systems, 185 GRP offers enhanced rain-resistance during application and superior weathering, offering an attractive glossier finish in a range of colours that has been proven to last for decades.

The 185 GRP system is always applied to Polyroof approved OSB3 or plywood decks, making it ideal for strip-and-replace residential or smaller work projects. When used for balconies, aggregate can be embedded within the topcoat for an economical and durable anti-slip solution. 185 GRP carries BBA certification with a certified lifespan of at least 25 years and is supported by Polyroof’s trusted accredited system guarantees.

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Key Features

  • The original and the best
    Polyroof’s 185 GRP system has been on the market since 1984, offering proven, durable waterproofing and lasting peace of mind for thousands of clients across the UK.
  • Flexibilised Technology
    Polyroof have incorporated their flexible resin expertise into the formula of 185 GRP, create a membrane that resists cracking or splitting far beyond any other GRP on the market.
  • Superior Finish
    The 185 GRP System has a glossy, high aesthetic anthracite grey finish that maintains its appearance extremely well over the duration of its minimum 25 year lifespan.
  • Extra Tough & Hardwearing
    One of the toughest waterproofing solutions on the market – ideal for new deck applications to create a hardwearing finish
  • Ideal for Balconies
    PolyGrit can be mixed into the topcoat to create a hardwearing and economical anti-slip solution for balconies.
  • Superior Durability
    BBA certified (Cert No. 91/2604) with a designated lifespan of at least 25 years.
  • Rainfall Resistant During Application
    If caught out by a rain-shower during installation, 185 GRP will still cure all the way through. No more having to scrape off “milky jelly” from the roof like other GRP systems!
  • RapidCure Technology
    Cured and can be walked on 30 – 60 minutes after application, allowing the full system to be installed in hours rather than days.
  • Suitable for Completely Flat (Zero Fall) Applications
    185 GRP System is BBA approved for use in zero fall applications in accordance with BBA 91/2604. The membrane is impervious to standing water and will not suffer from premature degradation like many other systems

185 GRP System Applications

The 185 system is always applied to Polyroof approved plywood or OSB3 boards.

Usually used on roofs involving strip-and-replace works.

Ideal for any new build timber roof applications.

Ideal for use as part of a warm or cold deck roof design.

Available with a BBA approved extra tough anti-slip finish for trafficked areas.

System Colour

Anthracite Grey

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