Protec Evolve is a certified Carbon Neutral, ultra-low odour liquid applied membrane with a 30 Year Durability Rating by the BBA. 

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Our Protec Technology has Evolved

The Protec Evolve System is an ultra-low odour, sustainable, liquid applied membrane that provides long-lasting waterproofing for a wide range of refurbishment and new-build applications. Protec Evolve is carbon neutral, with cradle-to-grave carbon emissions fully offset using high-quality Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) carbon credits—supporting vital renewable energy projects, reducing climate change, and assisting you and your clients in achieving your sustainability goals.

The system is fast-curing, highly versatile and able to form excellent adhesion to a range of surfaces (including bituminous roofs without primer) and is tough enough for heavy duty foot traffic with a range of anti-slip solutions.

Protec Evolve carries BBA, EPD, UKTA and ETA certification and is certified Carbon Neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd. The system has a certified lifespan of at least 30 years and is supported by Polyroof’s trusted accredited system guarantees.

Carbon Neutral Roofing Solutions from Polyroof

We believe we must make a difference now. That’s why we have made our Protec Evolve System carbon neutral. For every m2 of Protec Evolve installed, 21.89 kgCO2e of carbon is fully offset.

Protec Evolve has been certified carbon neutral by an independent third party (Carbon Footprint Ltd). The cradle-to-grave* carbon emissions of Protec Evolve are fully offset using Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) greenhouse gas credits which support renewable energy projects around the globe.

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Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Odour Formulation – Powered by PeMA Technology
    An advanced flexible hybrid polyester methacrylate formulation with exceptionally low odour during installation, making it ideal for sensitive applications.
  • Superior Durability
    Protec Evolve is BBA certified (Cert No. 09/4676) with a certified lifespan of at least 30 years.
  • RapidCure Technology
    Extremely fast application with cure times as low as 30mins.
  • Seamless Waterproof Membrane
    Applied as a liquid, Protec Evolve forms a seamless waterproof membrane with no joints, no welds and no weak points.
  • Cold Applied Installation with Zero Risks from Hot Works
    Unlike many traditional roofing materials that require open flame hot works to install, Protec Evolve is fully cold applied meaning there are no risks of accidental fire during installation.
  • Ideal for Overlays or New Roofs
    Protec Evolve can be applied to existing flat roof membranes for a lasting refurbishment solution and is equally suitable for new roof constructions.
  • Fire Performance
    Can achieve classification of BROOF(t4), the top rating achievable for a flat roof system and designating Protec as unrestricted under the national requirements.

Protec Evolve System Applications

Can be applied directly to a wide range of existing roof coverings including felt, asphalt, PVC single-ply, concrete and GRP.

Can be applied directly to approved insulation boards, concrete / screed or Polyroof SA Carrier Layer.

Ideal for use as part of a warm, cold, green or inverted roof design.

Available with a range of heavy duty anti-slip finishes for trafficked areas.

Protec Evolve is pre-pigmented in the following colours:
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