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XtraFlex System is a highly flexible version of the standard Protec System that is ideal for coating industrial gutters.

BBA Approved

Up to 20 Year Guarantees

RapidCure Technology

Quickly Weather Resistant

Durability Rating Up to 30 Years

The Extra Flexible, Fast Curing Gutter Overlay System

Long Lasting Performance, Even in Zero Falls Conditions

With its fast curing technology and imperviousness to standing water, the system provides a rapid solution that offers lasting performance even in zero fall applications. The XtraFlex System shares the same chemical backbone as the existing tried and tested Protec System and will therefore provide the same long term durability and performance.

The XtraFlex System can be applied directly to virtually all metal surfaces, Plastisol-coated metal, concrete finlock gutters and a range of other surfaces.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Flexibility Ideal for Industrial Gutters
    A highly flexible version of the Protec System capable of withstanding the expansion and contraction movements of metal substrates.
  • Impervious to Standing Water
    Ideal for gutters and other applications where standing water may occur, the presence of water ponding over the membrane has no detrimental effect on the performance of the waterproof membrane.
  • RapidCure Technology
    Extremely fast application with cure times as low as 30mins.
  • Seamless Waterproof Membrane
    Applied as a liquid, XtraFlex forms a seamless waterproof membrane with no joints, no welds and no weak points.
  • Cold Applied Installation with Zero Risks from Hot Works
    Unlike many traditional roofing materials that require open flame hot works to install, XtraFlex is fully cold applied meaning there are no risks of accidental fire during installation.
  • Trusted Guarantee
    Carries Polyroof’s trusted Accredited System Guarantee.

XtraFlex System Applications

Can be applied directly to virtually all metal surfaces, Plastisol-coated metal, concrete finlock gutters and a range of other surfaces. Note – the existing gutter must be assessed and confirmed to be structurally sound before considering for overlay.

Suitable for rejuvenating existing metal roofs – contact Polyroof Technical Services for further advice.


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Gutter Refurbishment Case Study

St Stephen's Primary School Blackburn

A friendly and welcoming school based in Blackburn in the North West of England. The school has been praised for its philosophy of continuous improvement, providing a nurturing environment for children. Continuing the high level of teaching facilities was paramount for the school and after discovering that the gutters and parapets of building were aged and leaking, it was vital that a solution was found before serious issues were caused.

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XtraFlex System Technical Datasheet

This document provides technical data for the Protec XtraFlex System including:

  • System build-up
  • Specification guidance
  • Surface preparations
  • Restrictions of use
  • Priming and catalysing
  • Application and coverage rates
  • Packaging and storage

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