Luke Lewis is at the helm of MLG Building Contractors, a company with a rich family history dating back to 1998 when it was founded by his father. Initially focusing on commercial refurbishments and maintenance, the company gradually transitioned into a multifaceted construction company with a diverse portfolio spanning commercial and rail infrastructure projects. Luke’s leadership journey with MLG began approximately 14 years ago when he took over the business, which then comprised only two employees operating out of a modest space – a couple of containers nestled within a spacious garden, with additional office space in a cabin.

Since then, MLG has experienced organic growth year after year, steadily expanding its team and capabilities. Currently boasting a workforce of 34, the company marked a significant milestone two years ago with the acquisition of a 4,000 square foot unit in Yate, a move that has revolutionised their day-to-day operations.

Reflecting their achievements, Luke highlighted MLG’s exceptional client retention rate, with a large percentage of their workload stemming from repeat business. This, he attributes to the company’s unwavering commitment to consistency, quality, and innovation, coupled with a stringent focus on health and safety standards, particularly vital given their work in the railway sector.

MLG distinguishes itself further by exclusively employing in-house professionals, all rigorously trained and continuously upskilled to maintain the highest standards. Emphasising the company’s youthful workforce, Luke notes that their average team age hovers around the early 30s, a testament to their dedication to nurturing talent from within.

Luke stated, “When working with Polyroof, the support we receive is paramount. Their team is consistently available to address any queries, providing invaluable assistance whenever needed. Whether it’s Craig, Ruth, or any other member of their team, they’ve been proactive in finding solutions to any issues that arise. Through collaborative problem-solving, we’ve been able to implement effective strategies that ensure a successful outcome, all while maintaining the high standards we pride ourselves on.”

When it came to talking about Polyroof, Luke spoke very highly, emphasising the support MLG receives, “When it comes to working with Polyroof, their support is invaluable,” Luke explains. “They’re always there for us, ready to answer any questions we have. The team has been instrumental in helping us overcome challenges, whether it’s Craig, Ruth, or others in the office, they’ve always been there to talk through any issues and find innovative solutions. It’s reassuring to know we can rely on them. The Protec System delivers on its promises, performing exceptionally well and giving our projects a fantastic finish. It’s definitely the easiest liquid product to work with.” Luke stressed the importance of the finish provided by Polyroof’s Protec System, noting its significance to both the team’s pride in their work and meeting clients’ expectations. “It means a lot to our guys who take a lot of pride in what they do,” he adds. “We’re all about delivering quality and ensuring our work looks great, and Polyroof helps us achieve that extra touch.”

Reflecting on the bespoke solutions the MLG team provides, Luke discussed how in heritage buildings, the workability of liquids really came to the fore, “We’ve been able to use Polyroof’s liquids to waterproof bespoke details in structures, particularly in heritage buildings where making any visual changes can be difficult,” Luke explains. “Using liquids has been the best way to overcome these challenges, allowing us to find solutions that work well in these unique details and environments.”

Talking about achievements Luke pointed out the McGee House project as a significant accomplishment, especially with its recognition as a finalist at the LRWA Awards, attributing its success to the collaboration with Polyroof.

MLG has a extensive history in railway station projects, completing notable landmarks such as Bristol Temple Meads and Paddington Station. These stations are renowned for their historical significance and architectural grandeur, highlighting MLG’s expertise in the preservation and restoration of heritage buildings and showcases MLG’s ability to provide bespoke solutions for their clients.

Looking towards the future, Luke reaffirmed MLG’s commitment to sustainable growth, emphasising their reliance on strong relationships, quality craftsmanship, and adherence to their core principles. With plans for continued investment and expansion, Luke expressed confidence in MLG’s ability to continue to grow.

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