A Revolutionary Way to Insulate a Flat Roof

As building regulations require increasing amounts of insulation, designing and installing a flat roof can become more difficult.

Carrier layers, such as OSB or plywood, use up important upstand space which impacts upon the position of doors, windows, rooflights and other details. As the length of mechanical fixings required to secure the roof to the joists or deck increases, so does the difficulty of installation.

Polyroof have developed an innovative warm roof system that does away with these limitations, meaning that even the most stringent thermal performance standards can be comfortably met. The Protec Warm Roof System is free from mechanical fixings and carrier layers – allowing for efficient and economical warm roof designs that keep the height of a roof to a minimum.


There are three main Protec Warm Roof Applications, all of which involve the direct waterproofing of the insulation boards for maximum efficiency.

Standard Warm Roof

Suitable for new build or refurbishment applications, Polyroof ‘RES’ Insulation boards are bonded to the vapour barrier (or existing roof coverings made good) before being waterproofed with Protec. This provides a cost-effective warm roof system that is rapidly installed with minimum disruption.

standard warm roof

Balcony Warm Roof

Ideal for trafficked areas, Polyroof ‘RES’ Insulation boards are topped with a 3mm high-strength, non-compressible and puncture-resistant facing board which provides total protection from regular balcony usage.

balcony warm roof

Cut-to-Falls Insulation

Polyroof will produce a free-of-charge bespoke cut-to-falls scheme that will meet your required design fall and U-Value. Due to its simplicity and great results, cut-to-falls insulation is an increasingly popular method for directing standing water away from a roof.

cut-to-falls insulation

How Polyroof can Benefit your Flat Roofing Project

At Polyroof, we like to work closely with our clients from the very beginning of a flat roofing project right through to the end. From our experience, this is the best way to ensure that all aspects of the roof are finished to the superior standards that our clients expect.

With the most versatile range of BBA-approved liquid applied roofing systems on the market, Polyroof can tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements. To find out how our flat roofing expertise can benefit your project, contact the Polyroof Technical Team on:

Tel: 0800 801 890